Bloomingfoods Board of Directors Announce Consolidation

Bloomington, Ind. – The board of directors and general manager of Bloomington Cooperative Services announced Tuesday night that the co-op will close its Elm Heights location in May 2016. The Elm Heights store on 2nd and Fess opened in August 2013 after several years of Read More »

Get the Grill Started

Get set for great grilling with these grilling tips. Start your grill about 30 minutes before you begin cooking. It’s a good idea to have a hot side for grilling meat and a cooler side for grilling fish, seafood and vegetables. If you don’t have Read More »

Spinach Parsley Pesto

Recipe Information Total Time: 10 minutes Servings: 8 (1 cup total) If you crunch the numbers, parsley is much cheaper than fresh basil, and spinach is, too. Pumpkin seeds, which impart a nutty, creamy flavor, are less than half the cost of nuts like pine nuts or Read More »




Bloomington Winter Farmers Market

Every Saturday 9am-12:30pm
thru March 26th

(closed DEC 26)
Harmony School Gymnasium, 909 E 2nd Street