Board Meetings: Schedules, Agendas & Minutes


Our board is working to update the legal documents that provide the governance structure for Bloomington Cooperative Services, Inc.  With the support of your vote we have changed the bylaws to increase the number of directors from seven to nine and to welcome up to two employee owner-members as directors.  In addition, we have cleaned up and simplified the Articles of Incorporation.

We are now finishing the rewrite of the bylaws.  Originally, we had hoped to have this done for a special vote in March, 2017.  However, the current plan is to have the rewrite completed by the end of March, 2017 to be voted on in our next board election in September/October, 2017.

This is very important work for the co-op and we need your feedback.  Some of the issues we are still discussing are inactive status for owner-members, institutional owner-membership and quorum requirements for owner-member meetings.

Please join us at our next Bylaw Review Forum: Thursday, February 23rd @ 5pm in the conference room at Noodles & Company, located in Eastland Plaza at 2560 E 3rd St.


Monthly board meetings are held the last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at the East store Patio Room (3220 E 3rd St) with two exceptions.  The November and December meeting are held at different times during the month.*  The corresponding agenda is linked within its meeting date.

Thursday, January 26th
Thursday, February 23rd**
Thursday, March 30th
Thursday, April 27th
Thursday, May 25th
Thursday, June 29th
Thursday, July 27th
Thursday, August 31st
Thursday, September 28th
Thursday, October 26th
Saturday, November 4th
Thursday, December 7th

*Meeting times & venues are subject to change. Please check here for updated schedule.

**Meeting being held in the conference room at Noodles & Company, located in Eastland Plaza at 2560 E 3rd St.

Board Meetings are open to co-op owner-members and guests of the board. Familiarity with the Bylaws, Policies, and the Policy Governance Method will enhance your understanding of the board meeting process.


Please note that minutes can only be posted after they have been approved by the board, so there is a month lag time. Older meeting minutes are available to owner-members upon request.

2016 December Board Meeting Minutes
2016 November Board Meeting Minutes
2016 October Board Meeting Minutes
2016 September Board Meeting Minutes
2016 August Board Meeting Minutes
2016 July Board Meeting Minutes
2016 June Board Meeting Minutes
2016 May Board Meeting Minutes

2016 April Board Meeting Minutes
2016 March Board Meeting Minutes
2016 February Board Meeting Minutes
2016 January Board Meeting Minute


Member forums are opportunities for the Board and interested member-owners to explore BCS policies, learn about operations, and discuss suggestions for the future.

Upcoming Owner Forums:



Upcoming OMCC Meetings to be held at the East location in the Patio Room at 6:30pm.  Please find the agenda linked to the meeting date:

OMCC Committee Charter and Objectives2016 OMCC Committee Objectives  and 2015 December OMCC Committee Annual Report

OMCC Meeting Documents:
 2016 November OMCC Meeting Minutes
2016 December OMCC Meeting Minutes



2015 Annual Report
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 Annual Report
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)