BOD: Election Results 2007

The Board of Directors is happy to present the results of the Bloomington Cooperative Services (BCS) Board election, as announced at the annual member-owner meeting on October 21. The 2007-2008 seven-member Board of Directors will consist of the following:

Elected Directors
Carol Bridges (re-elected)
Mary Beth Haas (newly elected)
Gretchen Handlos (newly elected)
Joann Orrange (re-elected)

Returning Directors
Joellan Muyskens (1 year remaining in term)
Spyridon (Strats) Stratigos (1 year remaining in term)
Donna Stroup (1 year remaining in term)

The downside of a contested election is that not all candidates can win. Our thanks go out to Dr. Scott Little for his interest and participation in this election. Keep in mind that we will have three seats up for election next year.

Of the 4900 ballots we mailed to our fully-paid member/owners, 7.5 percent were returned with bad addresses. (When you move, please make sure we have your current address.) From the remaining member-owners, we received 645 valid ballots (about 14%). Regrettably, we had to invalidate 18 ballots that lacked identifying member-owner numbers and a few that were postmarked after the October 1st deadline. We hate to invalidate the ballot for anyone who has taken the time and made the effort to cast their vote, so please remember to enter your member number on the envelope and mail your ballot on time. Fortunately, the invalidated ballots for this year would not have altered the final election results.

The task of verifying member-owner numbers and counting the ballots went quickly and smoothly this year. Many thanks to Susan Kornblum for her process plan and the support of several BCS administrative team members! The confidentiality of votes was ensured by accounting for the valid member-owner numbers before we opened and removed the ballots from the identifying envelopes. Only then did we record and tally the votes.

The October 24 Board of Directors meeting included the new Board for 2007-2008, as well as outgoing Directors, Susan Kornblum and Matthew Turissini, who chose not to run again. The new Board will decide the calendar dates for upcoming meetings.

So as you are shopping at any of our three wonderful Bloomingfoods locations, look around for our newly elected or re-elected Directors and be sure to congratulate them! We are looking forward to another great year! (We will post pictures of our new Directors in the stores as soon as possible.)


By Donna Stroup, BCS Treasurer and Nominations Committee Chair