Board Report: Counting Our Blessings

We can start the year off by celebrating that we are wealthy in healthy food.  Having five stores filled with delicious goodies makes all of our resolve to "eat better this year” so much easier to achieve.  Board members who were not snowed in like I was on the big party day in December enjoyed a scrumptious banquet catered by Bloomingfoods.

One of the perks for taking on the work of the board is getting to share a good meal together once a month before our meetings.  It is easy to forget how important nutritious food is, not only to create healthy bodies, but to foster healthy minds.  Sharing a meal gives us a chance to appreciate each other while we savor the tastes of the evening.  We hope you have had the opportunity to share your favorite dishes with family and friends during this season.

It has always been a policy of Bloomington Cooperative Services to make the very best foods available while keeping all the basics at member-owner discounts as well as donating to local food kitchens that provide meals at no cost to those in need.  So far this year we have raised over $4000 for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.

It is cold outside.  When you stock up for a long winter season, count your blessings and know that your purchases allow us to consistently help others.  In this regard, staff at our stores this season helped several customers who either forgot their money or left their groceries behind by going out of their way to correct the situation.  Thank you for being a part of our co-operative work. You are the strength of this member-owned business and this co-operative community.

Carol Bridges
for the Board of Directors