BOD: Education and Training

ImageThe board recently participated in a very useful workshop day with Michael Healy of CDS. One of the primary purposes was to assist the new board members in understanding how to function within the Policy Governance model of board involvement. Michael is an excellent facilitator and led us through our own BCS Policy Manuals to find where we were in compliance or out of sync with the best practices. We are now in the process of upgrading any written policies which are not clearly stated so that future board members and staff will have smooth sailing in making decisions based on the agreed-upon goals of BCS.

One of the board's missions is to envision the future of BCS and each of its independent businesses. There are so many factors to consider now that our businesses are large and successful. It is very important for the board to be aware of trends in the food industry, the local and general economy, and how well our coop is functioning. We are doing our best to support our local and organic growers and other organizations which make the Bloomington area an earth-friendly and people-friendly place to live. Michael's workshop helped the new members to quickly become aware of what our written policies actually mean - 36 pages of "rules" can be a bit daunting to try to understand immediately!

In February, we will be participating in a two day session with Michael to further explore our practices and envision any future changes. Meanwhile, each board member is on task in one of the following areas: searching for next year's competent new board members, examining BCS finances, reading relevant material such as "The Omnivore's Dilemma," deciding on possible classes or events for further education, and participating in other activities useful to BCS. If you, as a member-owner of BCS, want to become more involved in moving BCS toward a sustainable future, please attend a board meeting. Dates are posted on the events calendar .

 - Carol Bridges is in her second term on the Bloomingfoods Board of Directors and serves as Secretary.