Changes Recommended to BCS Bylaws

Recommended BCS By-law Changes

Bylaws – The Board has approved the following changes to our by-laws and is presenting those changes to the member/owners for ratification on the September election ballot. The purpose of making these by-law changes is to extend the length of terms on the board from two to three years and establish an avenue for electronic voting at some point in the future.

By-laws Section 4.12 Voting by mail or electronic ballots: The Board may authorize voting by mail or electronic ballot in conjunction with, or in lieu of, a meeting of the members. In such event, the notice of the meeting shall include a copy of the issue to be voted upon, together with a ballot and a postage-paid voting envelope with an online link as an electronic voting option and notification of the date by which the ballots must be returned. The ballots must be returned in a sealed envelope authenticated by the member’s signature, or sent electronically to a verifiable on-line site. If mail or electronic ballots are used in conjunction with a meeting of the members, votes cast by those ballots shall be counted together with votes cast in person at the meeting. If mail or electronic ballots are used in lieu of a meeting of members, a quorum shall consist of the number of ballots returned. A vote cast by mail or electronic ballot shall be equivalent to presence in person by the member at a meeting of members.

By-laws Section 5.6 Election of Directors shall occur yearly. The seven directors shall be elected for three-year terms according to a repeating three-year pattern:  two seats shall be filled in each of two consecutive years and three seats shall be filled in the third year. All additional vacancies shall also be filled by the annual election. Terms from longest to shortest shall be allocated according to the successful candidate vote totals, from highest to lowest. In the event of ties, the outgoing board must resolve term ambiguities prior to its term dissolution. Voting shall be by ballot. Each member-owner shall receive a ballot, a candidate slate, directions on the number of candidates for whom to vote, and the deadline for returning ballots.

By-laws Section13.2 Amendment by the Board: …. All amendments made by the Board shall be submitted to the members by mail as described in section 4.12 but not later than with the notice of the next scheduled meeting of members. ….

By Donna Stroup, Board President