Bloomingfoods Board to Study Food Security

Our board education topics for the next several months have each of us looking into the best ways for Bloomington Cooperative Services/BCS to enhance the local food system -- “food security”, as it is called these days. If you are one of us who have been fortunate enough to grow up during a time of abundant food supply, these words might not seem to be very important. We shop in stores filled to the brim with delicious goodies and can pretty well have our tummies full at all times.

But we are aware of problems that could disrupt this system of abundant blessings at any time. Many countries are already experiencing severe food shortages. It is the board’s job to make ourselves aware not only of what could disrupt the flow, but what other people, perhaps in other cities, states or countries, have done to handle food supplies during a crisis or short supply.
With this in mind, we are increasing our studies of how to make good use of local resources, help farmers, learn how storage and distribution systems could be enhanced, how we might educate people about what needs to be done to keep up with current needs, and how we, as an organization, can best serve the local community.

Our individual interests give us some knowledge we already bring to the table, but with the magnitude of changes happening in the world, we feel obligated to take extra steps toward food security while we are in the position to do so. We are confident that we can help our community rally to meet the challenges that may arise.

We are so proud of you, our member-owners, who show us how much you care about this planet Earth and our local community by supporting our sustainability efforts, contributing ideas about how we can work together more cooperatively, and, of course, putting your money where your heart is. You are the people who make it work and you are the people who inspire us to do as much as we can to guide our co-op in the direction of maintaining a profitable business while respecting the life of the planet in all of our undertakings.

Carol Bridges, Secretary
Bloomingfoods/BCS Board of Directors