Reflections on the Importance of Our Co-op

January is traditionally a time to rethink our priorities. The dark, cold winter with its inward-drawing energy asks us to take a look at ourselves, see how things are going, and make the adjustments needed to create the life we really want to be living.

This makes it a good time to look at the places which supply your daily nourishment. On your list of things which nourish you, we hope that one is your co-op food store, not just because it supplies delicious, whole, natural foods and numerous treats, but because it also supports the way of life you believe in. It encourages the local food producers who care about the health of the earth. It supports local organizations and events which bring people together in cooperative, peaceful and joyful ways. It provides spaces for you to meet with friends and enjoy time out with a cup of good cheer. It caters your feasts. It hires workers who do their best to help you and take the time to engage you in a friendly manner. It actively pursues and often achieves innovative ways to recycle, re-use and restore so that the stores become models of sustainable living in a modern context. And, perhaps, you know of an even more personal situation in which the co-op nourished your life.

Who is this co-op? It is you, our members and staff and all of you who shop at the co-op for even one of the above reasons. We, as a member-owned organization, can only be as good as our members, and from here, that looks pretty good. We are always open to improvement and have comment boxes in every store to receive your suggestions. Members are also welcome to attend board meetings and are informed monthly by email or newspaper about store specials, events, and relevant food issues. The board stays focused on the guiding principles of the co-op in order to strengthen its foundation and make sure overall goals are met.

As you ponder your life possibilities for 2012, we hope you will realize the importance of sustaining this source of nourishment, and, perhaps, becoming even more involved. That involvement can be just shopping co-op for more of your needs, becoming a member, volunteering when needed, or contributing financially to special projects when they arise.

We are all in this together to create a truly nourishing and cooperative world. Thanks for being part of it. You are living the change we are working for.

Carol Bridges, Secretary
BCS/Bloomingfoods Board