The Heat is On

As I write this article, the weather continues at over 100 degrees with people in various places experiencing power outages. It is both a time to count our blessings if we have not been negatively effected by these conditions and a time to prepare for possible future weather surprises.

As humans, one of our main needs is food. Now is the time to think about your "early retirement plan." Not your bank account for when you are over 65, but the time when you may be unexpectedly "retired" by not being able to fill your gas tank due to a power outage, being unable to get to your job or to the store, or to purchase the groceries you need because the supply ran out, or other even worse possibilities of which I am sure you are already aware. Stuck at home with whatever is on your shelves.

It is a good time to think about why you are a Bloomingfoods shopper. Is it because you own the place and elected people to make policies that will support local food growers and producers so that suppliers are nearby? Is it because you can trust the quality of the food you purchase there? Is it because it is the closest grocery store to where you live? Is it because you value the idea of cooperation in all its forms? Or, maybe you were just hungry.

Whatever reasons you have for shopping at our stores, we are glad. You have nurtured the cooperative spirit in our community, continuously inspiring us to make the stores be what you need them to be. In any emergency, large or small, we do what we can to help out. As often as possible, we give our member-owners special discount and sale days. We contribute food and/or volunteer hours to numerous local organizations and events whose purpose is aligned with our common good. We will special order large quantities of whatever you want if it is available to us.

You help us become better at all of these things with your feedback. Pleasing 10,000 member-owners is not always easy. We have to set priorities. But, as a relatively small organization owned by the people who use it, we are able to reassess those priorities much more quickly to meet new needs as they arise. We count on you to be "community minded." That is, continue to let us know what you see as necessary for the well-being of our local food system so that we can continue to meet both emergency and everyday needs.

Food, shelter, friendship. That is all I personally want for my "retirement." And I want that for every person. Becoming a member-owner of Bloomingfoods is one of the ways that we contribute to this possibility for all. Won't you join us?

Carol Bridges
Secretary for the Board of Directors