Fairvalley Wines of South Africa

ImageFairvalley Wines have been a staple at Bloomingfoods for years.  And, we think it’s time to retell their story!

The Fairvalley Workers Association , founded in 1997, was set up by the employees of Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate in order to develop and manage their own property. Initial funding, which went to purchase a 38 acre farm adjacent to Fairview, was provided equally by Charles Back, owner of Fairview, and the South African government. Subsequent funding for the development of homes and eventual construction of a wine cellar is being arranged through commercial activities.

In addition to developing their community financially, Fairvalley supports training and other activities that uplift members of their community, particularly their youth. In March 2002 the first phase of the development of their farm was completed with great excitement as a number of member families took possession of their own homes.
“Empowerment is not just giving people a piece of land and telling them to ‘go make wine’, it is about growing, allowing people to work upward.”  Charles Back, owner.

Bloomingfoods East carries 3 varieties of Fairvalley, and Seth says,
“Finally!  South African wines I feel good about drinking!”

Fairvalley Pinotage
Coastal Region, South Africa A lightly oaked wine, vibrant purple/red in color, layered with sweet plum and berry notes. Spicy black fruit and ripe soft tannins play out on the finish.

Fairvalley Chenin Blanc
An unoaked wine offering charming tropical fruit notes with a hint of pear flavor.  Pleasingly rounded with pineapple/melon hints on the finish makes this a cheerful, easy drinking quaffer!

Fairvalley Sauvignon Blanc
Pale straw in color, made in a fresh, fruit driven style, with crisp acidity and good length.