Ludwig Farmstead Private Stock Cheese

We're excited about the raw milk, natural rind, semi-hard cheese created exclusively for us by award-winning Dutch cheesemaker Fons Smits, from Ludwig Farmstead Creamery.
Award-winning Dutch cheesemaker Fons Smits created this raw milk, natural rind cheese exclusively for sale at Bloomingfoods, making it a private stock cheese for co-op supporters.

The Ludwig family operates their European-style artisan creamery on the fifth-generation Feathercreek Farm, two hours from Bloomington in Fithian, Illinois. Originally settled in 1866, the 155-acre farm is now home to a small pampered herd of state champion Holsteins.

A word about animal care: the cows are treated with medication when absolutely necessary – and only in the interest of their health – never to increase milk production.  Any animal receiving medication of any kind (such as antibiotics) is removed from the milking herd.

Mr. Smits, who came to the farm from a cheese-making career that included time spent at Traders’ Point Creamery, enjoys developing raw artisan cheese from traditional starter cultures. His newest creation comes from the milk of only twenty-five cows. The cheese is aged for three to four months, giving it a smooth texture similar to a soft gouda or gruyere, with a salty, slightly nutty taste. This rustic, simple flavor is great for everyday cooking (added to quiche or pasta, for example), or for a cheese plate with a fruit accompaniment.

We heartily recommend pairing our Private Stock Farmstead Cheese with brown ale, yeasty beer, or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ellen Michel
Marketing and Outreach