It's Raw and G-F in the East Deli

Raw Mango Apricot Salad
Hi, everyone.  The East Store Deli has received an unprecedented number of customer comment cards lately requesting both raw and gluten-free offerings. We've been listening and working diligently to come up with new items to meet this growing demand. Raw Mango Apricot Salad, Raw Chocolate Banana Creme Pie, and "MeMe's Slaw" are just a few of the new dishes we've come up with thus far, and more are in development. So if you haven't yet done so, stop in and give some of these items a taste. And keep the cards coming. Your observations and suggestions are a tremendous help to us as we work to develop recipes you will love.

Kai Bookwalter
East Store Deli Manager 





Me Me's Slaw
Chocolate Banana Creme Pie