East Garden Center Has Bulk Seeds

What a difference a year makes! Last spring, the Garden Center building was still under construction. This season, we've hit the ground running.

We’ve launched a free lecture series on topics such as bird feeding, soil amendment, winter garden preparation, cold frames, container gardening, spring bulbs, vermiculture, and other topics—every other Sunday afternoon in the new Patio Room.

Our bulk and packet seed are here. We have added 10 new varieties of bulk vegetable seed, bringing the total up to 65. We now have a chart indicating how many seeds are in a scoop – from 50 cantaloupe to over 1200 lettuce – all for only 99 cents! The response from our shoppers is extremely positive.

For your convenience, beans, peas and corn are available in pre-weighed packages of 1/4 pound; we’re happy to weigh out larger amounts, too.  A fourth-pound of beans comes to about 400 seeds – just $1.50.  This year, we’re offering 2 oz. packages of corn as well as the ¼ pound.

To complement the bulk vegetable seed, we also offer almost 500 different varieties of packet seeds, including herbs, flowers, and gourds from Livingston Seed of Columbus, Ohio, family-owned since 1850. That’s 200 more varieties than last year.

And of course, we will have potatoes. Look for seed potatoes by mid-March – Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Red Norland, Red Pontiac, and All Blue.  In early May, you will find several varieties of sweet potato slips.

Last year we sold out of our limited supply of human-powered reel lawn mowers. This year, we will be carrying the Fiskars model with larger front wheels to go over bumps in the lawn better. Stop by and see for yourself how easy and quiet it is to push!

Of course, we carry a large assortment of bird seed, feeders, and accessories to encourage birds to set up housekeeping in your yard.

So, this year, as you shop for your garden seeds and supplies, look first at your Bloomingfoods Garden Center.  We already have an amazing assortment of bulk and packet seed!  There’s no need to fret about placing catalogue or Internet orders for pricey over-packaged seeds.  We probably already have exactly what you’re looking for, right here! And as always, we are happy to take your requests.

Look for these in your Bloomingfoods Garden Center:

  • Many styles of trellises, sturdy tomato cages, anti-bird netting
  • Bulk grass seed (featuring drought-resistant Jaguar fescue) and cover crops
  • Bedding plants, locally acclimatized trees and shrubs, berries
  • A knowledgeable staff always ready to help your garden be its best
  • The best variety of bulk, pre-pack, and packet garden seed
  • Seed starting trays, peat pots, potting soil, peat moss, vermiculite
  • Earth Box grow boxes (self-watering!)
  • Organic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides for your home, lawn, and garden Earth Machine compost bins with free testimonials & advice
  • Coming in March: Fiskars improved Stay-Sharp human-powered reel lawn mowers!
  • Soil testing, with detailed recommendations from a master gardener

by Chris Bobbitt, Bloomingfoods East Garden Center