Board Call for Candidates

Now is the time to think about the issues your Co-op is facing.  Currently, we have over 11,000 member-owners and typically gain over 70 new members every month.  We have five retail locations and a huge involvement in local community affairs.  We do what we can to support organic and local food producers.  In other words, we are a success story.

At the same time, it is our success that is most likely to draw the attention of larger national health food chain stores and make them interested in moving to Bloomington.  We would like to maintain our excellent position in the community.  One of the main reasons for this desire is the way that co-operatives work.  The co-op structure gives you a vote on what we do and how we grow.

How does this work?  Every spring we have two or three board positions opening up.  Applications are in all of the stores right now.  We need directors who have an understanding of the importance of protecting our local food system during challenging times.  We need people who have skills in communicating with others and generating positive action toward the common good.  We need people who have experience with business finance and management.  We need people who care and have the respect of those they care about.  We need people who want to make their community stronger and better.

Fortunately, we know that there are many of you with these qualities and more.  If you have a strong sense of where the Co-op needs to direct its energy in the coming years or know someone who does, now is the time to fill out and mail in that board application.  Your term will not begin until November, but we would like to meet you and have you meet us at any regular board meeting to get acquainted.

A board is a team.  As that team, we deal with making the policies that help to form and guide the General Manager's decisions.  There are very specific guidelines for monitoring these policies and making sure that our business is in compliance with them.  The board does not manage day-by-day in-store decisions such as what specific brands to carry—rather, the board decides by majority vote the long-term direction of the co-op.  You are invited to become a board member if you are interested in sharing your vision and expertise.

Pick up your board application packet today or talk to that friend who is passionate about making all of the BCS stores even better.  In the co-op business model, it is up to you to help steer the ship.  Take the opportunity.

Carol Bridges
For the Board of Directors