East Store Grocery News: December 2011


Our Eastside Grocery Department has several new items to highlight this month:

Check out our display of Christmas treats at the back of the store.  The Martinsville Candy Kitchen Candy Canes are just beautiful!

”It takes two to make candy canes the old-fashioned way. As her husband works the 15-pound “loaf” into a candy rope, Pam Badger cuts and bends individual canes. Martinsville Candy Kitchen sells more than 20,000 canes a year. (IBJ Photo/ Perry Reichanadte)”

Other seasonal items include our favorite Trader’s Point egg nog, Organic Valley egg nog, and pumpkin spice Silk and Sea Bear salmon.

Green Valley Organics produces a line of lactose free dairy products and we’ve brought in 2 yogurt flavors and their sour cream. Let us know what you think!

Earth Balance Mindful Mayo and Coconut Spread ( for baking, sauteing, stir fry, and it’s great on toast!)

Harvest Bay coconut water is back in production after a looong hiatus. “Our coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage. Simply put, that means it replaces fluids and salts that are lost during exercise. And, each serving has more potassium — the natural muscle builder — than a banana, plus at least 40% more potassium than other leading coconut waters! “

Oregon Kombucha starter kits.  That’s right! Now you can buy what you need to start and make your own kombucha!  Try these flavors: blueberry black tea, black tea, ginger lemon decaf, pear ginger black tea and strawberry green tea. The starter kit includes live kombucha culture, organic tea and organic flavors, and a brewing guide. You add one cup of sugar and boiling water.   A perfect gift, perhaps??

In the bulk department we’re now stocking Organic Pearled Farro and we’re already hearing great reviews from customers.

Jones pure cane sodas in green apple and cola flavors!

Very happy holidays to all our wonderful customers and your families.

Martha Philion
Grocery Manager