Eberly Turkeys

Eberly Poultry Fresh, Certified Organic Turkeys

Family owned and operated since 1947, Eberly Poultry has been bringing superior quality poultry to dinner tables across the country for four generations. Eberly Poultry's family tradition of raising "Poultry as Nature Intended" makes a world of difference in the flavor of their products. All of the organic poultry is raised primarily on small Amish and Mennonite family farms in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

There is a difference in our organic poultry and it begins on the farm. Eberly Poultry takes extra care in raising their birds in enhanced barns with the ability to free range in a natural environment, maintaining farm to table traceability for all products. Consistent with their commitment to sustainable agriculture, all of their organic poultry is fed an all-vegetable diet of organic grains. Their all-vegetable, certified non-GMO feed is produced primarily from North American grains and is full of vitamins and minerals, void of any animal by-products.


Processing is done humanely and by hand to ensure customers are getting the highest quality product at all times. Their poultry has no added artificial ingredients, preservatives, solutions or injections, allowing the true flavor to come through in every bite.


Price is $5.19 per pound.

Size ranges available are:

10-14 lbs

14-18 lbs

18-22 lbs


When placing your order, we ask that you please select one of the available size categories with the understanding that we will match your request as closely as possible.  However we are unable to guarantee an exact match.

Organic Turkeys will be available for pick up on Sunday, November 24th.

Pre-order your organic turkey through November 15th.