Cooking With Rice

ImageRice has long been a staple of Asian cultures, and today rice is part of the daily diet of half of the world’s population. Rice is popular because it’s one of our cupboard’s best culinary canvases. It has inspired a variety of classic dishes—Biryani rice, Persian pilaf, Italian risotto, and Creole Jambalaya—making it a mainstay grain to virtually anything you might create.

The Significant Difference Between White and Brown Rice
Refined white rice — or milled or polished rice — has had the bran and germ removed, stripping it of vitamins, fiber and essential fatty acids. Brown rice, on the other hand, retains its nutritional value and is an excellent source of whole grain carbohydrates, necessary for good digestion and energy. Brown rice and other whole grains can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. All rice is gluten-free and easy to digest, making it a favorite ingredient for those with food allergies.

Try these rice varieties:
Arborio—its creamy cooked texture is ideal for making risotto.
Basmati—an aromatic long grain rice from India.
Black—medium grain sticky rice from China with a sweet flavor.
Sushi—short grain rice especially cultivated by the Japanese for making sushi.
Wehani—aromatic long grain red rice with a smoky, nutty flavor.
Wild—seeds from water grasses. True wild rice harvested by Native Americans in North American lakes is far superior to cultivated wild rice.

Basic Thai Sticky Rice
Sushi Rice
Basic Rice Pilaf
Rice Pudding with Pears and Lemon
Rice Salad with Dill and Baby Vegetables