Coloring Eggs...Naturally

Using natural ingredients to dye eggs is a fun way to celebrate spring. But where do you start?

Visit the Stronger Together website to find a chart showing which plant materials will give you various colors for your eggs.

Dying eggs is a wonderful project to do with young children, and with these recipes, you can even go on to eat the eggs, without having to worry about exposure to chemical dyes.

You'll find recipes for both hot and cold dye methods.

Use a shorter dye period and fresh ingredients if you plan to eat the eggs shortly after the project is complete, as some dyes may affect the taste of the eggs. This is a great way to experiment with various plant materials—from tumeric to blueberries, grape juice, and black tea.

Besides those items that might be right there in your fridge, use other materials to artistically decorate your eggs: leaves, tape, string, rubber bands, cheese cloth, and crayons. Rub eggs with vegetable oil to give them a glossy sheen.