The Joy and Economy of Box Wine

Does the expression “box of wine” evoke images of the worst plonk? Well times are changing. Just as winemakers are increasingly using synthetic corks and screwcaps because they are less likely to leak air or taint wine than cork, so too are they putting their better wines into boxes. Wine in a box (actually a bag in a box) stays fresher after opening (no oxidation, as in bottles) than it does in bottles. It’s also more economical and more environmentally friendly than glass. Consequently, we’re very pleased to offer Powers Cabernet Sauvignon and Badger Mountain Pure Organic Red wines in three liter (four-bottle) boxes at about the price of two bottles. Both are from Washington State and both are delicious. The Badger Mountain Pure Red is fun and fruit-driven and the Powers Cabernet Sauvignon has the deft balance of fruit and acid one expects from Washington State Cabernet.

(Personally, I was a little disappointed: store manager Jason Hill assured me the box would last at least three or four weeks, but I regularly drain the last drop on about the 6th day, depending on the number and thirst of my guests.)