Best of 2010 in the World of Wine

It is the beginning of a new year and the end of an old one, which means end of the year lists. For example Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2010. And Bloomingfoods East beer and wine department is happy to announce that some of our own picks landed on that list.

One of our personal favorites is St. Cosme 2009 Cotes du Rhone; a lovely ruby red Syrah with notes of red berries and black pepper. Also on that list are several Malbecs, Bodegas Norton 2007 Malbec, a wine ripe with raspberry, fig, and toasty vanilla flavors, and Durigutti 2008 Malbec, a powerful wine with rich notes of currants, vanilla, and cocoa. All of these wines are priced between $14 and $18 dollars, great prices for top one hundred wines!

Another invaluable year end list from Wine Spectator is their top values list, and we happen to have some wines that ended up there as well. Altos Las Hormigas 2009 Malbec, a supple, silky wine with hints of black currant and a unique floral quality, was one of them. The second was Yalumba Cabernet Sauvignon; a medium bodied Australian Cabernet with generous flavors of black currant, vanilla, and mint. What price range do best values fall into? Both of these tasty wines are priced at $11.99. Quite a value indeed!

Lastly, we have Wine Spectator’s Top American Vineyards, one of which is California based Clos du Bois. At Bloomingfoods East one can find a great example of the high quality wines that Clos du Bois produces in their 2008 Chardonnay, a creamy, toasty wine with hints of apple, apricot, and baking spices on the palette. One can experience this delightful wine for only $15.99 a bottle.

So start your new year off right, drink some great wines!

Amelia Williams

Wine Buyer

Bloomingfoods East