News from the East Store Meat Department

New Item from Smoking Goose at the Eastside:  Sliced Capocolla at $9.99/lb

New Item from Fischer Farms:  T-bone Steaks at $16.99/lb   

Exciting new local Item from Rice’s Quality Farm Meats:  Nitrate/Nitrite Free Bacon

Coming Soon:  After a long hiatus from the East Store, I am pleased to announce the return of more Beeler’s pork products.  Items Include:
Apple Cinnamon Smoked Bacon
Garlic Pepper Bacon
Natural Casing Pork Bratwurst (these are some of the best Brats that I have ever had!)
Cheddar Franks with Chili Seasoning
Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese Franks

We will be able to get the entire line of Beeler’s products!  So if there is something you can’t find in the store, just ask me, Josh, and I’ll special order it for you!
Look for these in the Fresh Meat Case and the Frozen Meat Locker at the East Store. 

This brings me to the next piece of news from the Eastside Meat World.  Frozen meat has moved!  The frozen meat selections are now located in the Meat Locker, a stand-alone, reach-in freezer right next to the Fresh Meat Case.  Same great products, better store location!