The Chile Woman, Susan Welsand

photo: Ann Shertz
A judge for many years in the annual Bloomington Salsa Contest, Susan Welsand is The Chile Woman, known locally for her colorful stand at the Bloomington Community Farmers Market and internationally for her leadership in saving the seeds of heirloom chiles.

“Chiles are a wonderful crop, as delicious as they are beautiful,” says Susan. “There are over 3000 varieties, but few are available commercially. Saving heirloom vegetable seeds and helping preserve biogenetic diversity is an important part of my farming operation. My business is organic: free-ranging chickens, beneficial weeds, and ladybugs provide insect control. My partner Terry Morgan’s sheep grace the fields with nature’s fertilizer. My main business is shipping plants, but Terry and I love to have people come to the greenhouse and visit with us.” Susan will be a Salsa Contest judge on August 29th, 2009, at the 21st Annual Salsa Contest.

The Chile Woman
Susan Welsand
1704 Weimer Road
Bloomington, IN 47403
chilewmn [at] thechilewoman [dot] com