Gunthorp Farms Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Greg Gunthorp was raised on a farm in Lagrange Indiana, only a mile from where he now lives with his wife, Lei, and their three young children. Gunthorp owns 65 acres and uses about 65 acres of his parents’ farm. We have had great success selling Gunthorps chickens and ducks at the NWS over the past year, and we are excited to be able to offer his turkeys this year. The Gunthorps pasture raise their birds in wheat, clover, rye and various grasses, and harvest their own corn for feed in the fall.

The only off-farm input Hubbard’s Homestead mineral mix. The birds have access to shelter and feed during bad weather, but spend most of their time foraging. No drugs, antibiotics or hormones are used on the farm, and when the time comes the animals are processed on the farm in a USDA-approved meat plant. The early forecast for the birds is that they should be in the range of 15-22 pounds per bird, and they will come in fresh the week of thanksgiving and be very tasty. So reserve your birds early because this is a farmer who does it right, and his self proclaimed way to sell his turkeys is “Good-tasting birds sell themselves”.

Alan Simmerman

We will begin taking orders for turkeys at this weekends Truckload Sale. Visit us at the East Store and place an order.