What's New?

Co+op Deals Are Coming Soon

ImageStarting in September, you’ll begin to notice some changes to our sales flyer, sales signs, coupon books and other materials developed by National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA), the national association of which we’re a member. NCGA provides these resources as a benefit of membership, allowing us to focus our time and energy on other areas that provide value to our shoppers, members and local community.

NCGA co-ops are launching a new brand, Co+op, stronger together, replacing the Co-op Advantage Program (CAP) inserts you’ve seen in the past. Besides a new logo and fresh new look, you’ll find more deals, more often, with quarterly coupon books and semimonthly sales flyers (24 per year). Look for the new flyers in our stores on September 1st. The fall coupon book will be mailed to members, and available in the stores.

In the meantime, be sure to make the most of the July-August Co-op Advantage coupon book available in our stores. The total value of the coupons in this book is $26. You can use one coupon per product per visit to the co-op.
So what’s the deal? It’s Co+op, stronger together!

Introducing Peacetree Mountain Truffles

After Linda Armes and her son David won an Emeril Live "Cook With Your Kids" contest in 2004, she began to think seriously about turning her love of cooking into a small business. Now she works with two other mothers she met in a homeschooling co-op, Gretchen Handlos and Lisa Hornibrook.

Linda develops new products for her co-owned company Peacetree Mountain Truffles, including a variety flavored with Bloomingfoods deli peanut butter cookies. Lisa's daughter Christina is an apprentice in the business, helping create truffles at the Bloomingfoods Commissary Kitchen on Washington Avenue.


Peacetree Mountain Truffles Go Cream & Crimson

Our friends at Peacetree Mountain Truffles have created a special Cream and Crimson variety in honor of the Hoosiers. Needless to say, it tastes amazing.

A favorite Principle Six provider, Peacetree Mountain Truffles offers unique hand-decorated custom chocolates.


Garden Towers Create Compost Tea to Grow Plants

You may have seen the barrels full of vibrant plants outside of Bloomingfoods, or perhaps on a friend’s porch or patio. These are Garden Towers, a local invention designed to make gardening easy and accessible for gardeners of all kinds.

Ramsay Harik, who tends the public display towers and does much of the company’s marketing, never expected to end up as part of an entrepreneurial business team.

“It sort of fell into my lap all of a sudden when I met Colin Cudmore when we were both volunteering at the community orchard,” he said.