July-August Co+op Deals Coupons

We have some sweet summertime deals for you, and one way to increase your savings it to take advantage of the July-August Co+op Deals coupon book.

You'll find coupon books in our stores, along with the same offer on coupon pads next to the products in the grocery aisles.

These are high value coupons – check out the complete list below!

There are some new products to try and great savings on some of your favorites: Rudi's Organic Bakery breads, Organic Valley cheese, Muir Glen salsas, and much more. It's a good time to stock up on picnic supplies like spritzers, juice, nut butters and chips, too.

Look for the coupons during July and August. Coupons are valid through August 31, 2013.

Get great recipes and ideas for cooking in the summer are available, too, at strongertogether.coop.


Sage Valley Chips Sale Benefits Riley Hospital

We have a great sale going on right now, featuring Sage Valley Multi Grain Chips.

We've priced them at only 99¢ per bag (that's about half price), and if you buy two bags, the third bag is FREE! All proceeds from this sale go directly to Riley Children's Hospital.


Two-for-One Sale on Seaweed Snacks

Here's your chance to try a new energizing snack, bursting with flavor and full of vitamins and minerals, Gangnam style!

We're introducing these at a Two-for-One sale price. If you're trying to kick a chip habit, these are a great lo-cal alternative. Try samples in the stores.

Annie Chun's Korean Seaweed Snacks are roasted and seasoned, with three varieties available on sale at our stores. Try Wasabi (for bite), Brown Sugar (for sweetness), or Sesame Seed (a savory flavor).


April-May Co+op Deals Coupons


Now available at Bloomingfoods: the April-May 2013 edition of the Co+op Deals coupon book! Visit our stores for fresh deals on your favorite products, like Lundberg Family Farms, Biokleen, Rudi's and Alexia.

The Co+op Deals coupon book, available exclusively at participating food co-ops, features money-saving coupons on organic and natural products your family will enjoy. From cereals and snacks to pantry staples and quick-and-healthy meals, we've got you covered.

These coupons are one way of saying "thank you" for shopping at your community-owned grocery store. For more information about food co-ops around the country, visit strongertogether.coop.

Coupons are valid through May 31, 2013.


"Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest"

Want to know more about the local food scene right in our home state? Food for Thought: Indiana Harvest is a thoroughly beautiful new book published by Indiana Humanities, celebrating the vibrant food revolution right here in Indiana.

Over 80 people and places are featured, including Bloomingfoods, Marcia Veldman (coordinator of our fantastically successful Bloomington Community Farmers' Market) and numerous producers, including Greg Gunthorp, whose food can be found in our stores. Wonderful and inspiring stories, all—available at our stores for your personal library or as a gift, at a special co-op price of $20.


New Co+op Deals for Thanksgiving Planning


Co+op Deals for November 14 – December 4, 2012

Download a sale flyer.

Every two weeks or so we have a new collection of Co+op Deals on sale to all shoppers. In the current edition of the sales flyer, you'll find a holiday guide that can help simplify Thanksgiving planning.

There's a recipe here for Pear Galette, taking advantage of the current pear season. Find tips to create festive cheese platters for holiday entertaining.

These are great Co+op Deals on holiday snacks, sides, and ingredients, along with easy recipes. Check it out and find some of what's just gone on sale. For a more complete list of our specials, click on What's On Sale on the right side of our Home page.