Hoosier-Worthy P6 Meat Options

It's getting closer to spring on the farm. Here is a photo from our friends at Fischer Farms.

We have some new meat options at Bloomingfoods East from Fischer Farms and Smoking Goose Meatery. These are two of our favorite Principle Six meat suppliers, sourcing high quality local products from by small farm operations. Just in time for March Madness!

First, from Smoking Goose, comes N’duja (pronounced “en-do-jah”), a pork salame that has been spiced with black pepper, paprika dulce, sea salt, cane sugar, and garlic, and then pureed into a spreadable salame.  This is excellent for snacks and party trays, maybe served up with a dose of Hoosier hysteria. $8.59 for an 8 oz. portion.

Applewood Smoked Bacon Bits – This is the same delicious applewood smoked bacon that many shoppers have come to love, only diced into bits, making it great for salads.  9.69/lb. Delicious, too, when added to braised kale or collard greens.

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! Celebrate with some Irish ale and Smoking Goose Sliced Corned Beef. This is the real deal.

From Fischer Farms, we are now carrying Fresh Babyback Ribs. This is an all-natural, free-range, bone-in rib that will be great for any occasion. Again, for some reason, basketball games come to mind. Throw these in the slow cooker and you'll have a Hoosier-worthy slam dunk meal. $5.69/lb.

Also in for St. Paddy's day – we have Fischer Farms Beef Briskets for those of you who plan to prepare your corned beef at home.