Garden Center Seed is GMO-Free

Some customers have asked whether the bulk or packet seed we carry is organic or not. They were concerned that if it isn’t organic, it might be genetically modified. Let me assure everyone that none of our seed, whether raised organically or conventionally, is GMO.

GMO garden seed is not available to the general public. GMO seed is sold to commercial growers who sign contracts with Monsanto and other biotech companies, agreeing to not save seed from year to year, to not transfer it to a third party, and so forth. These companies have gone to great expense to develop engineered seed, and they’re certainly going to protect their investment. They crow about Roundup Ready Corn as if it’s a good thing!

Some people want seed that is certified organic, for a variety of reasons. Others believe that how you treat the plant after it sprouts is what is important. Yet others prefer organic seed in principle, but not if it was produced using blood and bone meal or other animal products. Everyone must decide where they draw the line.

Wherever your line is, know that any garden seed sold at Bloomingfoods is not GMO. Learn more here about our seeds at the East Garden Center, including bulk, local, and heirloom varieties.

Extension Master Gardener offers a fuller discussion of this topic, including information about distinctions among heirloom, hybrid, open-pollinated, and GMO seeds. Here's another piece, from the Village Farmers' Market Association blog.

This article at the Suburban Vegetable gardening blog includes an interview with someone from Monsanto: you be the judge!

When buying food products, especially those containing corn, soy, or canola, is important to look for certified organic products in order to avoid genetically engineered foods. Learn more about genetic modification and its impact on the food chain here.

Chris Bobbitt
Bloomingfoods East Garden Center