August Meat & Seafood News

The dog days of summer are upon us and here at Bloomingfoods East, we are ready to help keep the summer swing going and at the same time help you get back into the swing of the school year.

Right now, Bloomingfoods East has sardines from Supreme Lobster on sale.  Sardines (Pacific, wild-caught) are one of the healthiest foods we can consume, according to health and environmental experts. These nutritional powerhouses are one of the best sources of omega-3 fats, with a whopping 1,950 mg/per 3 oz. (that’s more per serving than salmon, tuna or just about any other food) and they’re packed with vitamin D.  What do you do with them? Why grill them, of course. Wrapped in grape or fig leaves, grilled over charcoal with olive oil and lemon is just about perfect.  Since they are whole sardines, you do have to deal with the bones. The best way to do this is to split or butterfly your sardines.  Do this and you will only have a few gossamer bones remaining, and they are soft enough to eat safely.  You can also fillet fresh sardines and marinate them in salt, olive oil and lemon juice to make a Mediterranean version of ceviche. This is a common way to serve sardines in Greece, Spain and Italy.  Fresh sardines are also good filleted and baked. They go well with full-flavored sauces, especially tomato sauces. Spicy, citrusy salsas also work well.  But the bottom line is this: If you buy fresh sardines, simplicity is the key. Enjoy the rich flavor of the fish with little more than salt, lemon and a little olive oil.  Supreme Lobster Sardines: $3.99/lb.

The newest addition to the Bloomingfoods family is almost ready to open its doors.  Yes, I’m talking about our new store located in the Elm Heights neighborhood of Bloomington.  This store will be the flagship of our meat and seafood departments, with a full service meat and seafood  counter and all the retail ready meats that you have come to love.  Our new store will also carry all the specialty and charcuterie meats that currently are available at our existing locations with a few new surprises as well.  So when you get a chance, stop on in at the new Elm Heights Bloomingfoods and check out what all the excitement is about.

Josh Hermes

Bloomingfoods Meat Buyer