New Cheeses Are In

ImageCheese Buyer, Amber Towne, provides this list of delicious new cheeses now available at the East Store. Vegans, please note the Teese vegan cheese. It is is made in a 100% dairy-free, peanut and tree-nut free facility and is trans fat free. In addition, it tastes great and melts beautifully!

- Bellwether Carmody
A Bellwether original! Made from Jersey cow milk and aged at least 6 weeks.
Naturally golden in color with a smooth texture and wonderful flavor, very creamy, Carmody is a consistent blue ribbon winner at the Los Angeles County Fair.

- Bellwether Crème Fraîche
This classic, French-style cultured cream has a rich, nutty flavor with an appealing tart edge. A basic pantry item in French kitchens, it is an ingredient used by fine cooks in many cuisines. Pour over fruit, whip into soups, stir into sauces. Créme Fraîche never curdles while cooking.
Also available:  Bellwether San Andreas ( Sheep’s Milk cheese)

Image- Mahon Matica
Mild semi-soft cow's milk cheese with a hint of fruitiness.  An aged Mahon, Mahon Reserva is a very particular Spanish cheese. Mild semi-soft cow's milk cheese with a hint of fruitiness.  Intense and bold, with a sharp bite to it and a hard texture that breaks up easily (similar to Parmigiano). With caramel smoky flavors and hints of the paprika and oil used to rub it, you'll find this a highly complex cheese. Perfect to grate over pastas or vegetables, or eat on your own paired with a full-bodied wine like a Cab or a hearty beer.
Origin: Menorca, Spain

Image- Istara P’tit Basque
The most important cheeses from the Pyrenees are made from 100% sheep's milk. This most remarkable cheese gets its name from the petite wheels that are made from the leftover curds once the larger cheese wheel is produced. It is semi-soft with a red rind from caramel and annatto. Typical sheep's milk aromas and flavors develop over the 5-month ripening period. Enjoy this cheese with a slice of crisp bread.






Image- Fol Epi
French for "wild wheat stalk", this Emmental-style cheese is enrobed in a golden wheat rind made with toasted wheat flour. It is matured for three months and is pleasantly fruity and nutty without any bitterness. It works well on grilled sandwiches.

- Carr Valley
  Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar
From one of this country's best Cheddar producers, this is semi-firm, wrapped in cheese cloth. Like most Wisconsin Cheddars, it is creamy rather than dry. The smokiness of the chipotle is balanced by the sweet fruit tones of the cranberries and fresh dairy flavors in the finish. This is a great cheese to serve with deli meats.
Also available:  Carr Valley Cocoa Cardona

Danish Esrom

[What follows is the official description of Esrom, but we offer this as a public service announcement: lovers of "funky cheese" will definitely want to try this one. It is the new favorite cheese of some Bloomingfoods staff and customers. But those who prefer a milder style may not want to get within sniffing distance of this one.  -- Steve]

Esrom is made in flat rectangular shapes and is usually wrapped in foil. The yellow paste has a supple texture with irregularly shaped holes. The flavor is quite rich and aromatic and seems to grow on the palate. It gains even more spicy flavors as it ages and so often tastes better when it has been exported because it is more mature.

Invented in the 1930s, this cheese was said to resemble Port Salut and was, for a time, named Danish Port Salut. In fact, it is a much more interesting cheese than Port Salut. In the 1950s it was renamed for a long-forgotten cheese made by the monks of Esrom.

New “Vegan” Cheese

- Teese vegan cheese:
Teese Vegan Cheese is a dairy-free soy cheese made by the Chicago Soydairy. Teese easily melts and has a taste and texture that are miles ahead of the other vegan soy cheese brands on the market. Our vegan cheese is made in a 100% dairy-free, peanut and tree-nut free facility and is trans fat free.

Teese Vegan Cheese is a tasty and healthy alternative to dairy cheese. It has exceptional melting qualities and can be applied to any application you would use traditional dairy cheese.

-  Come by our deli and have a taste …you won’t believe how good it is!!!

New Displays in the Cheese Department

Come by and check out our new Parmesan and Romano display!! With the help of Pete Russo and Pete Kinne, the large wheels and all the beautifully cut pieces, simulate a cheese stand in Italy.  

Samples are out to try on Member days and Saturdays!!!

Can’t find the cheese you want??
 We have moved some things…

 - Organic Valley Shredded Cheese
 - Organic Valley Stringles Packages
 - American Slices
 - Ryser brick cheeses

(These cheeses can all be found in the Dairy Section,
next to the eggs.)

 - Organic Valley Slices

(These cheeses can be found in the Fresh Meat case.)