Grocery News from the East Store - May 2009

ImageLocal Spotlight
Local Folks Food. I just can’t say enough about this brand, the people behind it, the quality of the products they make and, of course, the taste ... Steve and Anita Spencer are the folks behind Local Folks.  They hail from Sheridan, Indiana north of Indianapolis and can be found weekly at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. We’re thrilled to be their retail outlet in Bloomington and encourage you to give any of their products a try! LocalFolks Foods has a simple mission statement: To develop a diverse food line with an emphasis on using local, fresh, natural ingredients. Making a conscious effort to reduce the distances our food travels before consumption.

Currently, we are selling these Local Folks Foods products:  Mushroom Patties (frozen), 2 Salsas, 2 Pasta Sauces, Mustard, Purple Haze Jam, Barbecue Sauce, Ketchup and Ravioli (frozen).  The mustard is our most recent LFF product and it is beyond!

Refrigerated Foods
Check out our Duck Eggs and Goose Eggs, brought to you by Three “F” Farm in Columbus, IN.  Nick and Chris Dean originally started their operation with chickens and later expanded to ducks and geese.  They have roughly 150 birds on their property right now (not including the hatchlings which are “all over the place!”)  Although not certified as organic, their land has not been treated chemically for at least the last five years.  The ducks are free range all day and the geese are free range 75% of the day.

According to Chris and Nick’s daughter, the duck eggs are “eggier” than chicken eggs. They are superb for baking, have a slightly stronger taste than chicken eggs and the yolks are bigger.  Goose eggs are a little stronger tasting than the duck eggs and are great for egg salad!

Chris tells me that you’re welcome to stop by their property (“someone’s almost always here!”) any time to meet the birds, take a tour of the operation, check out the special needs birds that Chris adopts, and to buy some more eggs!
Three “F” Farm is located at:
9382 W. 525 S.
Columbus, In

Bulk Foods
Raw food eaters, this is for you!  
Most dried fruits are heated to a temperature of over 110 degrees, which destroys living enzymes.  “Sundried” is a drying method that uses a lower temperature thereby allowing for the “raw” designation.  Please note our new labels on the sundried fruit Bulk Bins including:  Mountain Fruit Mix, our brand new Pears, Turkish Figs, Apple Slices, Prunes, Turkish Apricots (all of which are organic.)

Meat Department
May is for Meat lovers!  Josh is offering 10% off Fischer Farms Rib Eye steaks and New York Strip steaks to help you celebrate Mother’s Day, Graduation, Memorial Day and every day through the month of May.  Fire up the grills!

Martha Philion
Grocery Manager, Bloomingfoods East