New Products at the East Store!

Victorian House Scones (not g/f)


Here is a comprehensive list of all new items introduced to the East Store during the 2nd week of June, 2009. Notice in particular those with the "g/f" designation, indicating "gluten-fee."

Steve Stroup 




In Our FROZEN Department                
Bahama - soy-free original rice burger           
Kinnikinnick - g/f cinnamon sugar donuts           
Kinnikinnick - g/f vanilla glazed donuts           
Kinnikinnick - g/f chocolate dipped donuts           
Living Harvest - temptations chocolate fudge hemp milk frozen dessert       
Living Harvest - temptations coffee biscotti hemp milk frozen dessert           
Living Harvest - temptations mint chip hemp milk frozen dessert           
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss - organic dark chocolate coconut milk ice cream       
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss - organic naked coconut ice cream           
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss - organic vanilla island coconut ice cream           
Match - beef vegan meat           
Match - breakfast sausage vegan meat           
Match - chicken vegan meat           
Match - crab vegan meat           
Match - italian sausage vegan meat           
Match - pork vegan meat           
Schar - g/f classic white bread loaf           
Schar - g/f multigrain bread loaf           
Schar - g/f classic white rolls           
In Our REFRIGERATED Department                 
Earth Balance-soy-free buttery spread            
Follow Your Heart Dressing - organic and g/f
 -chipotle-lime dressing           
 -chunky bleu cheese dressing            
 -creamy caesar dressing            
 -creamy ranch dressing      
 -miso ginger dressing
 -lowfat balsamic vinaigrette     
 -balsamic vinaigrette     
 -lowfat ranch dressing            
 -lowfat spicy ranch dressing       
Immaculate Baking Company - fudge brownie dough            
Immaculate Baking Company - organic cranberry oatmeal cookie dough            
Liberte - lemon mediterranean yogurt            
Liberte - coconut mediterranean yogurt            
Organic Valley - organic reduced fat chocolate milk            
Tumaro's - organic garden herb tortillas            
Tumaro's - organic jalapeno & cilantro tortillas            
In Our GROCERY Department
Bob's Red Mill - g/f steel cut oats            
Ines - sweet olive oil tortas            
Living Harvest - organic hemp oil            
Miguel's - honey plantain strips            
Miguel's - salted plantain strips            
Mimiccreme - sweetened cream substitute            
Mimiccreme - unsweetened cream substitute            
Mrs. Leeper's - g/f beef stroganoff dinner            
Mrs. Leeper's - g/f cheeseburger dinner            
Mrs. Leeper's - g/f creamy tina dinner            
Native Forest - marinated artichoke hearts            
Native Forest - quartered artichoke hearts            
Native Forest - organic young coconut water            
Organicville - organic g/f ketchup            
Organicville - organic g/f non-dairy ranch dressing            
Organicville - organic g/f olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette            
Organicville - organic g/f sun-dried tomato & garlic vinaigrette            
Qbel wafer bar
 -crisp rice dark chocolate           
 -crisp rice milk chocolate wafer bar            
 -peanut butter milk chocolate wafer bar            
 -dark chocolate wafer rolls            
 -milk chocolate wafer rolls            
 -peanut butter milk chocolate wafer rolls            
Santa Cruz - organic mango lemonade            
Schar - g/f chocolate hazelnut bars            
Schar - g/f bread crumbs            
Schar - g/f italian breadsticks            
Schar - g/f chocolate dipped cookies            
Schar - g/f shortbread cookies            
Schar - g/f table crackers            
Schar - g/f ladyfingers            
Schar - g/f spaghetti            
Schar - g/f pizza crust            
Schar - g/f vanilla wafer            
Schar - g/f cocoa wafers            
Schar - g/f hazelnut wafers            
Schar - g/f penne pasta            
Schar - g/f fusilli pasta            
Schar - g/f white bread mix            
Simply Asia - beef & broccoli dry mix            
Simply Asia - fried rice dry mix            
Simply Asia - sesame teriyaki dry mix            
Spectrum Naturals - organic coconut oil spray            
Victorian House Scones - Local Product!
 -original recipe scone mix - local      
 -lemon poppyseed scone mix     
 -pumpkin spice scone mix     
 -gingerbread scone mix      
 -original oatmeal scone mix
 -indian chai scone mix     
 -brown sugar shortbread mix
 -original recipe biscuit
 -original oatmeal biscuit
Yogi - strawberry crunch granola crisp            
Yogi - blueberry flax granola crisp            
Yogi - baked cinnamon raisin granola crisp            
Zevia - natural root beer soda - stevia sweetened