East Store Grocery News for July

Bubbies Gourmet Ice Cream

Grocery Manager, Martha Philion, files this report on some great new poducts and recent developments at the East Store.

Check out our new line of Field Day products!  This line of grocery products is the new  brand available to us from our primary wholesale distributor and includes paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, canned vegetables, snack foods, pasta and more. Field Day offers an attractive pricing option compared to national brands as well as many organic choices.  Let us know what you think!

How about mochi ice cream? I’ll let the Bubbies Gourmet Ice Cream website speak for this new item at the East store:


"Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts has been manufacturing super-premium ice cream and gourmet ice cream desserts for over 23 years in the beautiful setting of the Hawaiian islands. Along with our incomparable ice creams and sorbets, we also specialize and are the leader in mochi ice cream. Imagine a harmonious combination of creamy gourmet ice cream wrapped in a sweetened rice confection, all resulting in a delectable bite-sized, one and a quarter ounce ball of happiness.”      

The East store is now carrying Rice’s award winning Chili Cheese dogs and Fischer Farms  Steakburgers prepared with the famous Nick’s English Hut seasoning recipe.  Mmmm………..

Tongue twister time!!  Try our new Organic Goji Agave Trendy Granola. Say that five times fast!!  Another new Bulk item is “Bike Fuel,” a new coffee from Just Coffee (100% Fair Trade “not just a market, but a movement.”)  Here’s what the website says about “Bike Fuel:” Our new improved blend combines the chocolaty smoothness of our light Bolivian coffee from AIPEP, with the smoky richness of our Super Dark from Chiapas, Mexico. An electrifying blend sure to get your motor running. This coffee is organic, shade grown, and always 100% fair trade.”

If you’ve noticed  some changes in our Yogurt case, that’s because changes have been made in  our Yogurt case!   With the packaging change in Stonyfield Farms 6 oz yogurts, some flavors have been discontinued by the manufacturer and some new flavors are now available.  We’ve also brought in the YoBaby 3 in 1 meals.  

Okay, define “local…”  
Our very own Josh Hermes, who has been with Bloomingfoods East for nearly 6 years, spent 6 weeks in Alaska this summer with our supplier of Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.  Josh got to know the owner/operator of Wild Alaskan Salmon & Seafood Company, Tony Wood, when he became our Meat Buyer last year.  Casual conversation turned into a brilliant idea!  Tony invited Josh to come work for the fishing season and off he went!

Josh was a humble rookie on the job for the first week and then – watch out!  He quickly became the filet master as the fish came in fresh from the boat.  He also spent time on the boat, reeling in the nets.  Here’s  a brief description of their operations from the website:
”Our methods of fishing are designed to only catch the sustainable resource salmon, other species of fish and other wildlife are not harmed or caught. As the salmon are caught, the fish are delivered on ice to shore straight from our boat on a daily basis and are at once cleaned and hand-processed by our own processing team. This is called a “wet process”. The salmon is then immediately “flash frozen”, meaning that the product is deep frozen very quickly after the catch and packaged in vacuum sealed bags to lock in all of the quality and freshness and is constantly kept at ideal temperature and conditions…”
Josh was involved in all this!  The days were long (easily 12 hours a day, every day,) the bears were brown and wild, beards were all the rage, the weather was – well, it’s Alaska!, the scenery was spectacular,  sea sickness could not touch our man,  and Josh returns to us with a great appreciation for the salmon we sell here.  In fact, the last order we received was caught, processed and packaged by Josh, himself!!  That’s how I define “local!”

Because of Josh’s new skills, he will be hand filleting whole fish and cutting steaks for our fresh meat case.  Mmmmm…….
Please let Josh know if you have any special sockeye salmon needs!