East Store Grocery News for October 2009

ImageWe have all kinds of great new Items from Brother Bru Bru, Zingerman's, Bragg's, Daddy Bob's, and Country Mouse City Mouse. Grocery manager Martha Philion reviews them here and requests your feedback,(please…):

•    Brother Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce: According to Brother Bru Bru, you should try this new product ASAP!!
Why? Well, there are 10 important scientific reasons you should eat his All Natural, Salt Free African Hot Sauce:

1)  It tastes great!

2)  Hot peppers are loaded with vitamin C (357% more than oranges).


3)  Hot peppers stimulate the nerve endings with false pain messages wich cause the brain to produce endorphins which make you feel good.

4)  Hot peppers tend to dissolve life-threatening blood clots.

5)  Under lab conditions, hot pepper sauces kill certain harmful bacteria found in raw oysters and other sea food.

6)  Hot peppers actually cool you in hot climates by making you sweat.

7)  Medical researchers have found that topically applied hot pepper extracts can relieve chronic pain in certain cases.

8)  Garlic (which is used liberally in Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Sauce) is known to convey a whole pantheon of health benefits to it's users.

9)  Many of the African spices which are used in Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Sauce for their flavors are used as folk remedies by traditional African herbalists.

10)  Long-term users of Brother Bru-Bru's concoctions can thrill and amaze their friends by drinking ordinary hot sauces right out of the bottle.

11)  It tastes great!

•   Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Drink (refrigerated):  Apple Cider Vinegar has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used it for its amazing natural detox cleansing, healing, and energizing qualities. Hippocrates prescribed Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with honey for its health properties. Now you can enjoy Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey in a convenient refreshing drink.

•    Zingerman’s Zzang Chocolate Bars: At Zingerman’s, we have our own Charlie and yes, he has a small chocolate factory. Charlie Frank is his name. His Zzang!® chocolate factory is a small clean, white room with a minimal number of machines — two, at last count: one to mix, one to dress the candy in chocolate, appropriately called an “enrober”. Charlie makes great, old-fashioned American candy bars almost entirely by hand. Chunky, fat, fudgy bars you can wrap your hand around. They’re not the serious kind of sweet you nibble with your eyes closed, hushed, your tasting notes near at hand. They’re the kind you chew great chunks off, when you’ve just finished your banjo lesson and want to whoop and holler. This is fun, fantastic candy, made all natural without cutting a single corner.

•  Daddy Bob’s Macadamia Nut Brittle: New flavor from our favorite local brittle master!
•    Bean & Body cold coffee drinks
•    Spring Again Cleaner Concentrates Kettle Cuisine Frozen Soups
•    SheerBliss Pomegranate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
•    Kettle Cuisine Frozen Soups Check ‘em out!
•    Schaffer House of Bread – Homemade sandwich breads and sweet breads(great time of year for pumpkin nut bread, don’t you agree??)  Located in Columbus, Indiana!!
•    Fields of Agape White (and Red) Wheat Berries , Golden Flax Seeds, Organic Popcorn in bulk (local products)
•    Amish Grown Spelt Flour (Bulk)
•    Equal Exchange Coffees: Las Colinas, Gumantindo and Rabble Rouser ( not to be confused with Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser!” )
•    International Harvest trail Mixes in Bulk (one raw!)

Check out our latest Local Vendor to join the Bloomingfoods  family!  Country Mouse City Mouse is an Indianapolis food manufacturer owned and operated by sisters Erin and Katey.  They make really good stuff and they source many of their ingredients locally.  You should try it….
Here’s just a sampling of the items we carry.  In November you’ll have a chance to meet the chefs and sample their wares.
Mama J's Romesco  A smooth and spicy spread made with roasted red peppers and a touch of chile chipotle.  Romesco makes a great dip with tortilla chips or as a sandwich condiment.  We think it's perfect all by itself on garlic crostini.
Chimichurri Pesto It's Argentina meets Italy in this new sauce by Country Mouse City Mouse! It's fresh, complex and wonderful. A twist on a traditional chimichurri and a traditional pesto, we take basil, parsley and cilantro and blend them with pistachios, lots of garlic and lemon. Just as versitile as Mama J's Romesco and just as delicious. We considered calling it RomescoVerde, but why confuse things?

WREN HOUSE COOKIES Wren House Cookies is a sub-brand of Country Mouse City Mouse and is the brainchild of Katy Jones-Williams in response to the lack of healthy and delicious dessert items that are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and casein-free.

With diagnosis of both celiac disease and autism in their immediate family, Katy and Erin knew how hard it was for their family members to satisfy their sweet tooth in restaurants and coffee shops, and Wren House Cookies was their response!
Wren House Cookies are sold frozen, and unbaked, so that you may have them on hand for your guests who have these specific dietary restrictions (or for anyone, because they really are just as wonderful as anything!).  This is a growing trend in dining, and it is important to be able to meet the needs of the consumer!

Wren House Cookies are made with organic peanut butter, organic, free-roaming, vegetarian fed eggs, and organic cane sugar and come in three delicious flavors including:
Peanut Butter Chunk
with local honey and chunks of peanuts

Peanut Butter & Jelly
with organic strawberry jam

Peanut Butter Cup
with dairy free all-natural chocolate