East Store Grocery News: December 2010


Let's begin with PICCOLI DOLCI. These authentic Italian heirloom biscotti baked right here in Bloomington by one of our regular customers, these little treats are perfect for holiday entertaining as well as everyday snacking! From Maria Carlassare: “At "piccoli Dolci" (“little Sweets”) we bake authentic Italian pastry recipes from scratch, using high quality natural ingredients. The dolci are made by an Italian woman who lives in Bloomington, Indiana. For the first phase of this project we have selected six heirloom cookies eaten in Italy at breakfast, tea time, or in the evening with dessert wines.

Cookie Descriptions
No. 1, Baicoli: a thin Venetian biscuit, subtle and crispy. Ideal with tea, coffee, as well as gelato or any rich soft cream.
No. 2, Cantucci: the true almond biscotti. A light dough studded with whole almonds. The classic companion for a dessert wine.
No. 3, Krumiri: a simple and rich cookie in a distinctive curlycue shape. Ideal with tea, coffee and also with dessert wine or liquor.
No 4, Novellini: sweet and milky. Ideal at breakfast with tea or coffee, and excellent with jams, preserves and chocolate.
No 5, Pan di stelle: a full cocoa flavor with the addition of almond flour to give a peculiar crumbly texture. Ideal for breakfast, coffee or tea.
No 6, Zaeti: a rich and grainy dough offset by soft and sweet raisins. A dessert in itself.

Baicoli: flour, sugar, butter, dry yeast, whole milk, salt.
Cantucci: flour,

sugar, butter, almonds, eggs, baking powder, vanilla extract, nutmeg, salt.
Krumiri: flour, potato starch, sugar, powder sugar, butter, eggs, honey, salt.
Novellini: flour, powder sugar, milk, butter, eggs, baking powder, salt.
Pan di stelle: flour, almond flour, cacao, powder sugar, butter, baking powder, eggs, whole milk, salt.
Zaeti: wheat flour, corn flour, butter, sugar, egg yolks, raisins, lemon zest, salt.
Proceeds from the sale of this product help our neighbors in need.

Traders Point Eggnog!
This is the creamiest, richest, most delicious egg nog we can find. Come & get it!

Middle Way House Food Works
We’ve started carrying some products produced locally by Middle Way House Food Works including Savory Spice Crackers and Cheese Crackers. We hope to be seeing more items soon!
Middle Way House is acting as a social entrepreneur.  Having recognized a social problem, Middle Way house uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage ventures to make social change.  Food Works is working to provide opportunities to women who are victims of domestic violence to become economically self-sufficient while providing real culinary skills, a safe and supportive work environment, and a valuable work history to present to future employers. Monetary profit goes to Middle Way House and the income brought in enables the women we serve to maintain steady jobs.

An extremely popular holiday feature with our regular customers is the line of Seabear Smoked Salmon. They make great gifts and great treats (it’s what I eat on Christmas morning!)

Additional News
Christmas Turkeys! If you’d like a fresh turkey from Bowman Landes for Christmas, please place your order by December 12th. Pricing is the same as the Thanksgiving birds at $2.59 per pound for a whole bird, $4.99 per pound for a roast and a breast.
Garrett County Black Forest hams are $6.89 per pound; Black Forest nugget hams are $12.49 each. All other hams and duck are available frozen. All preorders will be available for pick up starting Tuesday December 21st.

Local Producer
Fields of Agape is officially out of Wheat Berries and Wheat Flour (sold in our Bulk Department.) The demand for their products far exceeded their supply, so we won’t have inventory again until their next crop. We expect to be back in business with these two items in August of 2011.

Also in the Bulk Department, our Chia Seeds are going from “conventional” to organic AND they’ll be cheaper!

Local producer Phoenix Farms is proud to announce that they have switched from a “transitional organic” soybean to a certified organic soybean used for our local tofu. “However we regret that because of this switch coupled with rising energy cost as well as increased costs from our container supplier we are forced to raise our pricing.”
New in the Perishables Department in response to frequent customer requests is the Greek Gods 24 oz Plain and Honey Yogurts. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from your friends in the East Grocery Department! Matt, Susan, Jacob, Angelina, Chris, Rhianna, Alex, Greg, Phil, Thomas, Josh, Andrew, Nicki, Justin, Joshua, Amelia, Tyler, Earnie, Alex, Jon, and Martha