East Store Grocery News: May 2011


We have lots of new items for you to try out in the Grocery Department at the East Store! 
In the Grocery Department:
•    Ecolution Frying Pans: eco-friendly non-stick aluminum cookware, employing a water based  solvent. 
•    Tea Unwrapped:  A Fishers, Indiana company founded by Cheryl Watson.  We’re carrying  two Tea Unwrapped premium organic whole leaf teas!  “ From Sri Lanka, you will fall in love with our Ceylon Black Tea.  It produces a  rich ruby red liquor with medium astringency and a light, fruity balance. It's Organic, Fair Trade and Bio-Dynamic.  Our Masala Chai Tea is a custom blend you can only purchase from Tea Unwrapped!  It is perfect served alone or with milk and honey.  It contains whole leaf black tea, whole cardamom, ginger root, saigon cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns and is 100% organic. “ 
•    Tree of Life:  Shelf stable Almond Milk (Vanilla and Original Unsweetened)  32 oz cartons for $2.29
•    Achva:  Made in Israel, certified Kosher, we are carrying the Pistachio and Vanilla flavors 16 oz for $5.99
•    Alessi Breadsticks:  Thin Sesame and Thin Garlic
•    Better Than Bouillon:  Chili Base and Turkey Base
•    Roland:  White Clam Sauce
•    Golden Temple:  Naan Bread Mix
•    Benedicta:  Bernaise Sauce and Creamy Garlic (Aioli) Sauce

In the Refrigerated/Frozen Department:
•    Wolferman’s :  English Muffins (Sourdough and Cinnamon Raisin)
•    Uncle Matt’s:  Organic Grapefruit Juice and Organic Lemonade
•    Sukhi’s Gourmet:  Naanwich (Chicken Kebob, Chicken Curry, Spinach and Tofu and Chicken Tikka Masala)
•    Bubbie’s:  Pickled Tomatoes!  YES, Pickled Tomatoes!
•    Monterey:  Alfredo Sauce, Tomato Basil Sauce, Pesto Sauce
Here’s some more good news on the Refrigerated Front:  Two very popular local items are back:  Phoenix Farms Tofu and Organic Acres Eggs.  Enjoy!!

In The Bulk Department:
•    Wild Rice Stick snacks
•    Organic Quinoa Flour
•    Cranberries Jubilee Trailmix
•    And new Brown County Coffees  in bulk include:  Audrey’s Blend, Breakfast Blend, Artist’s Dark Roast
•    We now are offering our co-op members special pricing on Brown County “Bloomingfoods Member Medium.” 

Please let us know what you think.  We love trying out new products and appreciate all of your suggestions (even if we can’t bring them all in!!)  See you soon!