East Store Grocery News: September 2011

September 2011 East Grocery News:

Hi Folks!  Well, there’s been an appreciable uptick in activity around here since schools are back in session!  It feels great!

We’ve brought in some interesting new items for you to try:

Forbidden Flavors Ice Cream:  from Terre Haute, In.  Jill and Andrew Conner have created an amazing array of uniquely flavored ice creams, including:  Cardamom Custard, Red Raspberry Sorbet, Goat’s Milk Piloncillo and Curried Carrot.  Andrew came to the East store to sample his goods and they were extremely well received by customers and staff, alike!

Joan’s Caramels:  “Put a smile on your taste!” is Joan’s motto for her delicious, homemade caramels.  Joan makes her magic right here in Bloomington.  She, too, was here to sample her caramels and they were a big hit!  “Our made from scratch recipe allows you to enjoy handmade caramels with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.  Made in small batches with each caramel hand-wrapped and color coded with a ribbon according to flavor”… Original, Salted, Turtle, Peanut with Sea Salt, and Maple Pecan.

Earth Balance:  “Organic Coconut Spread is a rich, creamy way to stir fry and sautée vegetables. It’s delicious on toast, pancakes, waffles and bagels and it will add a whole new level of flavor to your baked goods.
You can use it in place of butter for any recipe! It adds a mild coconut-y vanilla flavor without overpowering a dish. And if you’re sautéing with it, its flavor will decrease as you increase the cooking heat. Keeping it at a low heat will intensify the coconut flavor.”
“And Earth Balance MindfulMayo™ Dressing and Sandwich Spread is here, for all of you conscious eaters out there who love a good sandwich, pasta or potato salad. You can use MindfulMayo™ in any recipe that requires regular mayonnaise!

MindfulMayo™ Dressing and Sandwich Spread comes in three varieties: Original, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic. It is also vegan and free of cholesterol and GMOs…”
Earth’s Best:  Fruit Yogurt Smoothies for your toddler…
Mrs. Meyers:  Rosemary scented dish soap, all purpose cleaner, countertop spray, laundry detergent and window spray.  The rosemary scent was intentionally designed for natural foods stores due to complaints about the overpowering nature of other Mrs. Meyers scents.

And…a few more regionally produced items from our friends at Tiny Footprint Distributors:
•    American Sweet Bean Edamame (Ohio grown),
•    Luna Burgers (artisan, organic, vegan burgers crafted in Columbus, Ohio),
•    Riehle’s Select Popcorn:  Riehle's Select Gourmet Popcorn is our family name and our company sits on the fertile Indiana farm land that has been in the Riehle family since 1910 (Sunman, Indiana). We chose the word Select because we feel we have selected the best eating and tasting popcorns available. Our popcorn is considered GOURMET POPCORN because we grow the popcorn for taste and great quality, not large quantity like some larger commercial popcorn companies. Our popcorn is also GMO free.

Udi’s Pizza Crust, Explore Asia Gluten Free Pastas, Natural Nectar Dark Chocolate Dream Cocoa Spread, VitaKitty Cat Treats, and more – all brought to you by customer suggestion!

Well, I think that’s about it from here.  Stop in and say "hi," and keep the suggestions coming.  Although we can’t bring in EVERYTHING requested, please know that we really do take all your input very seriously.

Martha Philion