East Store Grocery News: May 2011


We have lots of new items for you to try out in the Grocery Department at the East Store! 
In the Grocery Department:
•    Ecolution Frying Pans: eco-friendly non-stick aluminum cookware, employing a water based  solvent. 
•    Tea Unwrapped:  A Fishers, Indiana company founded by Cheryl Watson.  We’re carrying  two Tea Unwrapped premium organic whole leaf teas!  “ From Sri Lanka, you will fall in love with our Ceylon Black Tea.  It produces a  rich ruby red liquor with medium astringency and a light, fruity balance. It's Organic, Fair Trade and Bio-Dynamic.  Our Masala Chai Tea is a custom blend you can only purchase from Tea Unwrapped!  It is perfect served alone or with milk and honey.  It contains whole leaf black tea, whole cardamom, ginger root, saigon cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns and is 100% organic. “ 
•    Tree of Life:  Shelf stable Almond Milk (Vanilla and Original Unsweetened)  32 oz cartons for $2.29
•    Achva:  Made in Israel, certified Kosher, we are carrying the Pistachio and Vanilla flavors 16 oz for $5.99
•    Alessi Breadsticks:  Thin Sesame and Thin Garlic
•    Better Than Bouillon:  Chili Base and Turkey Base
•    Roland:  White Clam Sauce
•    Golden Temple:  Naan Bread Mix
•    Benedicta:  Bernaise Sauce and Creamy Garlic (Aioli) Sauce

In the Refrigerated/Frozen Department:
•    Wolferman’s :  English Muffins (Sourdough and Cinnamon Raisin)
•    Uncle Matt’s:  Organic Grapefruit Juice and Organic Lemonade
•    Sukhi’s Gourmet:  Naanwich (Chicken Kebob, Chicken Curry, Spinach and Tofu and Chicken Tikka Masala)
•    Bubbie’s:  Pickled Tomatoes!  YES, Pickled Tomatoes!
•    Monterey:  Alfredo Sauce, Tomato Basil Sauce, Pesto Sauce
Here’s some more good news on the Refrigerated Front:  Two very popular local items are back:  Phoenix Farms Tofu and Organic Acres Eggs.  Enjoy!!

In The Bulk Department:
•    Wild Rice Stick snacks
•    Organic Quinoa Flour
•    Cranberries Jubilee Trailmix
•    And new Brown County Coffees  in bulk include:  Audrey’s Blend, Breakfast Blend, Artist’s Dark Roast
•    We now are offering our co-op members special pricing on Brown County “Bloomingfoods Member Medium.” 

Please let us know what you think.  We love trying out new products and appreciate all of your suggestions (even if we can’t bring them all in!!)  See you soon!

Composter & Rain Barrel Sale: One Day Only!

East Bloomingfoods to Host One-Day-Only Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale

Come to the East Bloomingfoods parking lot on April 30th, 2011, from 9am-3pm (rain or shine) to find great one-day-only prices on Compost Bins and Rain Barrels. Compost bins valued at $100 will cost only $45, and $150 rain barrels will sell for $60. Make an Earth Day impact at your home with these great products this year.

This sale is sponsored by the Eco Media Center of Monroe County and the Center for Sustainable Living.


East Store Grocery News: April 2011

Hi, everyone. We have lots of new product news to share this month.


Frozen New Items

Talenti: Try this new line of Gelatos et Sorbettos in our frozen ice cream section.  We think you’ll love the taste, as well as the ingredients!  For instance, the Double Dark Chocolate Gelato is made with semisweet Belgian Callebaut chocolate morsels and a splash of vermouth.

Garden Lites Vegetable Soufflés:  Check out these new “mini meals” in our frozen section.  We carry the Zucchini, Roasted Vegetable and Cauliflower Souffle’s.



Check out these new items in our dairy case:

Organic Valley flavored Half & Half (French Vanilla and Hazelnut) and Organic Valley Soy Creamers (French Vanilla and Original).

Frozen baby lima beans; creamers; half & half; Immaculate Baking Pie Crust


Passover, Sunland Peanut spreads, Justin’s Nut Butter Chocolate peanut butter cups


Finally!  We’ve made space in the store for a brand new Seed Sprouting Station!  Customers have asked for this kind of dedicated space for a long time and now we’re pulling it all together.  Please stop in and check it out (near the frozen foods section at the back of the store.)  Here’s a list the seeds we’re starting with:

5 Part Organic Salad Mix; Organic Alfalfa Seeds; Organic Broccoli Seeds, Organic Buckwheat Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Crunchy Lentil Fest, Fenugreek Seeds, Organic Green Peas, Organic Radish Seeds, Organic Red Clover Seeds, Zesty Sprouting Mix, and Organic Unhulled Sunfloower Seeds

Here are some of the “reasons to sprout” as explained by one of our sprouting distributors, Handy Pantry

•    Only Pennies Per Serving
One tablespoon of seeds will fill a quart jar with several ounces of sprouts.

•    Simple and Easy
Take less than a minute per day to grow and prepare. They will grow nearly anywhere indoors, in any season. Sprouts require very little space and travel well.

•    Fresh and Ready Quickly
This “garden in your kitchen” grows very fast, in any kind of weather. No digging, planting, weeding, pests or chemicals involved. And there’s no long wait, as in seasonal outdoor gardens. Just 3 to 7 days to a bountiful, nutrition-packed harvest. When stored in your refrigerator, they will stay fresh for days- even weeks if rinsed properly.

•    Complete Foods
Sprouts are real health food. They are full of life- as you will see in how fast and luxuriously they grow. The right combination of sprouts contains everything needed for life and health. All their many nutritional elements are easily assimilated and readily available to your body. When home-grown, you know they are pure, and you can enjoy them at the peak of their perfection.

•    Tasty and Delicious
Bursting with flavor, you may be surprised how truly delectable they are. Enjoy them in salads, onsandwiches, stir-fried, steamed, or even baked in wholesome, home-made breads.

East Store Grocery News: February 2011

We’ve got some new items on the shelves that I’d like to highlight. As always we appreciate your feedback.


We’re very excited to introduce you to this line of locally produced foods. Beverly and Andy McDowell are from Centerville and produce raw, fermented products. Bloomingfoods member and local attorney, Ira Zinman, is a true fan of Hidden Pond and so he brought them to our attention. You can get the full story by visiting their website: http://www.hiddenpondllc.com, but here are a few of our favorites:


February Wine & Beer News from the East Store

With February, along with lots of snow and ice, come more exciting changes and great deals in the east side Bloomingfoods beer and wine department! First of all, our Create-Your-Own Six-Pack program has been so successful we’ve decided to develop the program. In order to expand the selection and increase the quality of beers available we raised the price of the Create-Your-Own Six-Pack by one dollar, making the cost $10.99. This allows us to put all our beers on the shelf and allows our customers to create a truly high quality, gourmet six-pack.


East Store Grocery News: December 2010

There are lots of great products to highlight this month at the East Store, most of them just the sort of item to brighten and sweeten your seasonal entertaining.