Right Up Your Alley at the Kirkwood Store

As the weather gets nicer and you're thinking about breakfast, lunch, or dinner, don't forget the Kirkwood store, right up the alley in all directions off Kirkwood Avenue, Dunn, 6th, and Grant, closest to the beautiful campus at IU.

This is our original store, in a converted limestone carriage house. You can eat in the spacious sunny room upstairs or under the awning on our patio. It's tulip time, thanks to our neighbors at Runcible Spoon.

Students—the Kirkwood store is a great place to get away from campus chaos, even during dead week and finals! Our upper level seating area is the perfect location to linger over a beverage or meal, relax, and study for those exams.

We have plenty of grab-n-go sandwiches and treats or you can get a made-to-order sandwich and salad in the deli. If you want to feel in the know, ask for the Rachel.

We now have vegan cream cheese in the deli. Ask for it on your bagel or add it to a sandwich.

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We have a selection of gluten free products on sale right now. Mixes, breads, bagels, and cakes (oh my), including Banana Chocolate Chip and Chocolate cakes from O'Dough. Um. Yum. If you're super lucky you might even be able to grab a http://www.bloomingfoods.coop/images/stories/kw_deli_sm.jpgsample! These are seriously delicious.