Kirkwood Store News for June 2011

Hi, everyone.

We're ushering in summer with luscious and cooling ice cream floats at the Kirkwood store, and we have local Chocolate Moose regular and vegan (coconut based with organic sugar and vanilla) ice cream and all natural Boylans soda available though the deli...perfect for hot, summer time!

Also in our deli, Eric is working with many local farmers and buying from the market to create new and exciting deli and salad bar options. We're proud to report that our salad and deli bar is created daily from OVER 75% local and organic product. Come check them out and sample the seasonal fare. Some new dishes include:

Radish Pea Salad with local havarti dill
Kohlrabi Melon Salad
Broccoli Chervil

BBC bagels are now available at the Kirkwood store!! Fresh everyday. Eric has created his own Kirkwood signature cream cheese spreads:
Apple Cheddar
Cherry Tarragon (in house grown herbs)
Fresh Herb (in house grown herbs)
Smokey Roasted Red Pepper

Produce News: Amanda has brought in...

Local red butter lettuces from Michael Hicks
Organic Purple potatoes
Organic Red and Yellow Vine tomatoes
Champagne Mangoes







Finally, to ensure that we can offer you the very best and most local possible products, Eric has planted an all organic herb garden on the roof of our KW store. We're using them on the deli  and salad bar dishes and sides.



Amber Connor, Store Coordinator