Seasonal Produce to Enjoy

Here's just some of what's available in produce this week: strawberries are abundant, including sweeter, smaller, darker, local berries. We have morels from Minnesota, the last of the season.

You'll find absolutely beautiful local baby bok choy. Healthy green onion and radish bunches. Heads of local organic green and red butter lettuce, romaine, green leaf and fire red leaf.

Ease into the summer months with salads made from fresh local ingredients, and notice how great they make you feel!

Happy New Year!

We hope that 2013 is starting for you in the best possible way, and that you are enjoying the snow here in south central Indiana.

Just so you know, here's what's happening at our stores today:

KIRKWOOD store is closed. 
The EAST store is open from 9am to 6pm. Our NEAR WEST SIDE store is open from 9am to 6pm.

A reminder that the Co+op Deals switch out tomorrow, with new sale items for all shoppers between January 2 - 15. Click here to see what's still on sale today, and to see what's coming up next in the Deals.

Holiday Gift Ideas

We recently asked our staff to make a list of holiday gift suggestions. Here are a few items they think woud make great gifts for that special someone on your list.


From the Near West Side deli:

A dozen cookies from the deli

Bloomingfoods gift card for lunch

CAKE - lots of cake!

A whole log of pepperoni (one of the only things not required to be refrigerated)


From Kirkwood:

How about coffee stuff?

We have a manual coffee grinder (to fulfill your post-apocalyptic coffee needs) that would go great with a coffee press or single cup brew cone/travel mug set. For the non-coffee drinker we have hats, scarves, and gloves from Down to Earth and various holiday candles or incense.


From Jean in Marketing:

True Melange candles and a bottle of French red wine.


From the East Garden Center:

Eighteen different styles of bird feeders, starting at $3.19, and featuring American-made Droll Yankees products.

Birding accessories such as shepherd hooks, seed trays, bird baths and de-icers, bird houses and squirrel baffles.

Top quality tools for the discerning gardener.

Earth Box Garden Kits: self-watering planter boxes on wheels, perfect for early and late crops.

Earth Machine compost barrels which work even with snow on the ground.

Remember that bird seed and bulk garden seed are always in stock at very attractive prices.


From East Grocery - Local Products that make great gifts:

Traders Point Creamery - 32 oz for $5.99  Rich and delicious; sprinkle with fresh nutmeg

Piccoli Dolci Biscotti - 3.5 oz cookies for $3.49 and 8.8 oz packages for $7.99

Any of the Local Folks Foods products, especially their stone ground mustard and barbeque sauce.

Daddy Bob's brittles: Peanut, Coconut Peanut, Pecan- 8 oz bags, prices vary.

Standing Stone Ice Wines:  Vidal, Gewurtztraminer, Chardonnay  $19.99  Truly fantastic sweet dessert wine!


From Mary in Cheese:

The first cheese I'd like to suggest is Beecher's Flagship Cheddar

from Seattle Washington. Flagship is a handmade semi-hard cow’s milk

cheese aged 15 months with a robust, nutty flavor. It's a really

fabulous cheddar that has earned awards in both the 2007 and 2009

American cheese society competitions. Priced $17.49/#


The next cheeses I'd like to suggest are the the Le Roule cheese

spreads. They are smooth and creamy fresh cows' milk cheese spreads

from France which are layered with either dried cranberries or garlic

and herbs. My customers really enjoy these and have told me that both

flavors make a great addition to any meal. Priced $14.99/#


The last cheese I'd like to suggest is the Bloomingfoods Private stock

House Cheese specially made for us from Ludwig Farmstead on the IL/IN

boarder. It's a harder textured cheese made from raw cow's milk and

aged at least 14 months. I like to recommend this for customers

wanting a bright, sharper flavored cheese that's local and can be used

both for grating or eating just as is. Priced $14.99/#


From Julie at the Near West Side store

I just got some fantastic hand printed tee shirts by, David Ebbinghouse" Curse of the Black Scorpion"

I have lots of great items from "Kikkerland",  Music boxes,paper pencils, nite lights...

Then there is "Unemployed Philosophers Guild", coffee cups,watches, pill boxes....

Lots of kitchen gadgets, cookie sheets, pie dishes etc.

Lots of "Vessel" drinkware, including their new line of glass drinkware

I also brought in handmade glass bead jewerly (all Fair Trade) not to mentions all the wonderful coats and jackets from "Kathmandu Imports".

Lets not forget all the Decomposition books (made from 100% recycled paper), including cork covered journals. We also have amazing leather journals from Handmade Expressions (Fair Trade.)

And of course, for all our furry friends - a good assortment of pet nests.



Demolition was the name of the game in Elm Heights from Wednesday through Friday. Here are a few images. It was an impressive process, the relentless maw of the excavator snatching bite after bite from the old building, chewing it briefly, then spitting it into a dumpster. By end of Thursday the building was down, and Friday was devoted mainly to cleaning up. Monday begins the breaking up and hauling off of the cement slab.
Steve Stroup


Tell Us What You're Thinking!

ImageBloomingfoods exists to serve our member-owners. This is not an easy task, it never has been. We currently have more than 7,000 active member-owner households and they represent a diverse mix of people with many different interests and priorities. How is it that we can possibly figure out how to serve our all of them?

There are many tools we employ, perhaps the most obvious being those that collect ideas and comments directly from you, our customers. Customer comment cards are a wonderful example of this, any time you are in the store you can fill one out and request a response to your inquiry. A great many of these are product requests, comments on great service that a customer received when in the store, suggestions for ways we can be more efficient or environmentally aware - but some are truly a peek into the the diversity and unique perspectives that represent our amazing community of member-owners.

The very best suggestion I ever received was with regards to creating a company song that staff would sing together as they stretch and warm up before their shift each day. I still have this one hanging beside my desk as a reminder of the wonderful customers who shop our stores and how each one is unique and requires individual and personal attention. 

OH MY! So we are back to that question - how do we manage to serve the needs of more than 7,000 active member-owner households when they represent such wonderful and diverse interests. 


Our New Website

Welcome! We have launched the new site for Bloomingfoods.

We decided to use an open source content management system, Joomla, as the foundation upon which we hope to build a more vibrant and interactive online presence. We started testing templates and finally settled on one from RocketTheme - but it has been customized.

What you see on the site has been a collaborative effort.  Many people have pitched in to make this happen and I am grateful for their efforts. I need to acknowledge three people who have made significant contributions to the project. Bob Flynn, our working member volunteer and webmaster, is unbelievably dedicated and I am thankful for all the energy he has put into making the site happen. Kyle Haskins worked on the template for us. I think it is beautiful and I can't stop looking at it. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with Kyle. Finally, I can not overlook my co-worker, Steve Stroup, who has been so supportive of the project and very willing to learn Joomla.  He has been creating content and filling the site with great information.  Last month he linked thousands of our e-news readers to the development site and it really got our team motivated to launch.

What a relief it is to have it out there. We have some issues to resolve, things to get posted, but I am so pleased with the new site.  Within 6 minutes of it being published, we had a phone call from one of our members telling us how beautiful it is. I am so thankful for that, amazed by that.

We hope you visit often! 

Jenn Hileman, Systems and Planning Coordinator