Holiday Gifts at the Garden Center

With gardening and bird watching being America’s first and second most popular hobbies, you’re almost certain to find just the right gift for that special someone.  And for yourself!

Garden seeds make an inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer. Our packet seeds are already here; as before, the basic vegetables are also available in bulk, so you can get just as much as you need.

Check out the AeroGarden  table top hydroponic system. Just like on the TV cooking shows, you can turn to your living basil or rosemary plant and harvest the freshest leaves possible, right from your kitchen counter.

When it’s time to start tomatoes and peppers, use our seed starting cells with extra high dome and a heat mat.  Grow lights would also be a useful gift.

Noah Smith Tools in Linton is making wonderful hand tools, available a la carte or in a handsome wooden trug. They may look like instant antiques, but they’re also very well designed and meant to be used.

House plants, including Christmas cactuses and poinsettias, brighten the holidays.

Share the bounty with a bird feeder or two, or three. At our house, we have four feeders hanging from the eave just outside the living room window, as well as several on shepherd hooks in the front and back yards. A source of fresh water is also important for wildlife, and the Garden Center carries birdbaths and electric deicers.

Bird seed is available year around in large bags as well as 5 pounders so you can try out different blends.  The gift is the enjoyment of watching the birds at close range and the good feeling of generosity.

To make your gift selection even easier, at the Garden Center we are assembling collections based on themes: seed starting, young gardeners, bird watching, etc. in a variety of sizes.

Whatever your gift giving needs, be sure to stop by the Bloomingfoods Garden Center in the small building and in the Patio Room open every day 10 – 7.

Written by Chris Bobbitt