Salmon, Herring, and Turkey

Salmon enthusiasts will be excited to learn that there are several new wild-caught salmon options available in the East Side meat department. First of all we are now offering Troller Point pink salmon filets. Pink salmon, typically found as a canned product, is a smaller fish possessing what is often described as a milder flavor than Coho or Sockeye. If you especially value the nutritional qualities of wild salmon but felt you couldn't afford it, pink salmon might be a solution. Its omega-3s and protein levels are comparable to those of the more popular Coho and Sockeye varieties, but it is significantly less expensive. It is available as whole side in the meat coffin freezer.

From the same company and for a limited time, we currently have 4-ounce flats of King salmon lachs for $9.99 per each. Troller Point decided to stop producing the product due to the rising cost of King salmon, so grab some at a bargain price before its gone forever! King salmon has more omega-3s than any other variety of salmon, and with only a few ingredients, it is my pick for the best lachs offered by Bloomingfoods.

For those who aren't privy to all the seafood secrets of Bloomingfoods (and as a reminder to those who are), we always have frozen filets of Coho salmon available by request. This is the same Coho that we cut, wrap, and stock in the refrigerated meat case. If you need more than a portion or two of salmon and want to reduce the amount of plastic and styrofoam used by the co-op, consider asking for a whole filet! Frozen salmon has a shelf life of 5 days after being thawed. Just ask for someone in meat or perishables, and we'll find a filet that's perfect for you.

Departing from the theme of salmon but remaining in the oceans, we're also trying a new product: salted, smoked herring (and when we say salty, we aren't kidding!) It is $9.99/lb and available in the seafood area of the fresh meat case.

Finally, if you're in the mood for turkey, we still have several whole, frozen birds leftover from Thanksgiving. To help clear them out, we are now offering them at 10% off. Turkeys are currently available at all locations. Your discount will be automatically applied when you check out.

Justin See, East Store Meat Buyer