Education Series - October 2013

Hydroponics and Indoor Lighting Sunday, October 6, 2-4pm

The East Garden Center lecture series continues with a workshop led by Tomi Whitaker. Learn how to grow plants indoors year round with hydroponics, a method which uses a liquid nutrient bath instead of soil or potting mix to feed the roots. Tomi  will demonstrate advantages and various techniques. The Garden Center has AeroGarden and Sunleaves hydroponic systems in use and on display in the Patio Room.

Bloomingfoods East Patio Garden Room, 3220 East Third Street

Free and open to all gardening enthusiasts.

Water, Water Everywhere Two Tuesdays, October 8 & 15, 6:30-8pm

This two-session course, taught by Permaculture Designer Rhonda Baird, helps you identify how much water you are using, where it's coming from, where it's going - and the possibilities for using this precious resource to support your garden, farm and home. We will examine ways to safely and economically harvest and store water and explore planting strategies to help with water control in the garden setting.

Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, 2367 East 10th Street

$18 in city/ $22 out of city

Register by October 1 at or call 812-349-3700.

East-meets-West Kitchen: Thai Green Curry from Scratch Sunday, October 20, 2-4:30pm

If you love Thai curry and wonder what makes up those mysterious fragrant and delicious flavors, this is the class for you. A detailed step by step, or in stages if time is limited that you can’t make it through at once, of making healthy Thai green curry at home so you can always satisfy the craving when it hits. Curry tastes better from the second day on, making this a perfect make-ahead, freezer-friendly meal. A Thai-flavored salad will be also prepared to accompany the curry.

705 South Parkridge Road

$40 Class limited to 10 people.

Register by Friday, October 11 at 812-334-7730.

Polycultures –Living in the Forest Garden Tuesday, October 22, 6:30-8:30pm

Permaculture Designer Rhonda Baird gives you the fundamentals for designing or creating a productive forest garden paradise (think fruit, nuts, shrubs, and other food-producing plants) around your home and property. We will cover the structure of a forest and how to replicate that structure in your landscape, including discussions of light, water, buildings, and harvesting. We will look at species to begin with and answer your questions about fruit, flowers, pollinators, pests, and more.

Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, 2367 East 10th Street

$10 in city/ $14 out of city

Register by October 18 at or call 812-349-3700.

Hypertufa: Building Pots and Wall Hangings Saturday, October 26, 1-4pm

Tufa is a naturally occurring porous limestone formed from calcium carbonate deposited by springs. In this hands-on class Charlotte Griffin will help you create hypertufa pots by mixing together different ratios of Portland cement, vermiculite and peat moss and then forming the mixture into pots. These pots will stand out as a unique piece in your house and garden while blending well with the natural landscape. After making the pots, they will need to stay at Hilltop for at least one week to "set" before they can taken home. Remember to wear old clothes and shoes as this process can get messy. Gloves and masks will be provided, but feel free to bring your own to use.

Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, 2367 East 10th Street

$20 in city/ $24 out of city  (Includes a $10 materials fee)

Register by October 23 at or call 812-349-3700.

Start with the Soil: Preparation for Successful Fruit Production Saturday, November 2, 2-4pm

Rain date is 9 November (participants notified if use of rain date is necessary).

Fruit trees represent a long-term investment of time, money, and growing space; therefore, it makes sense to provide growing conditions that will insure their success and optimal productivity.  Fruit trees require well-drained soils with a high content of organic matter, a balance of nutrients, and a fungal dominant soil food web. H. Michael Simmons covers soil evaluation, preparation, amendment, and maintenance, with helpful demonstrations.

The Bloomington Community Orchard, 2120 South Highland Avenue in Winslow Woods Park

$8 in city/ $10 out of city

Register by October 30 at or call 812-349-3700.

Outdoor Rooms for Regeneration Tuesday, November 5, 6:30-8:30pm

Love to spend time outside? Learn why an outdoor kitchen or sleeping area might be just the right addition to your yard and garden to increase your living space and quality of life. Rhonda Baird, Permaculture Designer and Teacher, will show you how these types of structures can enhance energy efficiency in your home, provide you with space to enjoy your garden and preserve its fruits.

Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, 2367 East 10th Street

$10 in city/ $14 out of city

Register by November 1 at or call 812-349-3700.

Artisan Bread Baking at Muddy Fork Bakery Sunday, November 10, 10am - 5pm

Make sourdough bread with professional Eric Schedler of Muddy Fork Bakery and bake it in our brick oven.  We'll show you techniques for mixing, kneading, shaping, and baking outstanding bread.  We'll make pizzas in the brick oven for lunch.  Baking students will take home recipes, 4 loaves of bread, and sourdough starter.

Muddy Fork Bakery, 4569 Earl Young Road

$70 (includes $30 in product).  Class limited to 8 people.

To register, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 334-5814.