Be Your Own Butcher Class

Join chef, pig farmer, and artisanal butcher Jake Francis for an evening of learning the fine art of deconstructing the “whole hog” for the home or restaurant kitchen.  Jake will lead the charge on a hands-on cutting of WE Farm pastured, heritage breed hogs from snout-to-tail.  As a participant, you will acquire the skill and experience needed to receive whole- or half-hogs directly from a farmer, to prepare cuts at the sub-primal- and kitchen-ready level, and become familiar with how to braise, grill, and cure this meat for your culinary delight.  With knife and saw in hand, you will leave the afternoon workshop with a keen understanding of summoning what you desire from any hog purchased farm-direct from the source.

A brief discussion the following evening will expand on the butchery knowledge, relaying lessons learned from Jake, Farmer Josh Egenolf of WE Farm, and Chef David Tallent on the nuances, logistics, possibilities, and economics of raising, processing, and marketing pork directly to retail markets (i.e. farmers markets, CSA programs, and restaurants).


All will culminate the third evening with a special dinner at Restaurant Tallent. Here, gustatory enthusiasts of the almighty hog will gather in fellowship for a pork-centric feast.  Chef David Tallent will curate a meal paired with libations that focuses on the offal from the butchery demo: the heads, trotters, tails, liver, kidneys, and heart.

Calendar of Events:
•    Sunday, July 1st 4:00 – 8:00 pm - Butchering demo at the New wings Kitchen, $150/participant
•    Monday, July 2nd 5:00pm  - “Connecting Farmers and Chefs Open Discussion” at Harmony School, free of charge
•    Tuesday, July 3rd 6:00pm  - Restaurant Tallent Dinner

Register for the Butchering Demo or Participating in the Chef Farmer Discussion by contacting the event coordinator Josh Egenolf, via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday, June 29th.
Make Reservations For the Pork-Centric Dinner by contacting Restaurant Tallent @ 812-330-9801