Big Treetop : Building Community

ImageOn Monday, June 9th, Steve and I attended the launch party for Big Treetop, the first online platform carefully designed to support and sustain relationships between local businesses and their customer communities. We invite you to sign up and participate in the conversation.

We’re on Big Treetop talking about food we love, posting new and interesting products, and telling folks about things that are happening in our stores. We invite you to tell us what you like to eat - do you have a favorite cheese and you want to tell everyone about it? Is there a sandwich from one of our deli's that you really enjoy? Do you have a favorite new wine that you think others might like knowing about? These are the kinds of things that are perfect for Big Treetop.

Participating businesses currently include - Bloomingfoods, YMCA, Goods for Cooks, SOMA, Baked of Bloomington, Max's Place, Opie Taylor’s, Yogi's, and Revolution Bike and Bean.

Sign up, start friending businesses you love, and participate in the discussion.
We look forward to seeing you on the Bloomingfoods Treetops.

- Jenn Hileman