City Adds Bike Parking Downtown

Don't miss this! The city continues it's work making our downtown friendly for folks who need to move from here to there without a car. The opening (and continued develpment) of the B-Line trail and efforts like this one really give us a reason to hope that we are on our way to a healthier community. 

10 bikes can park in the space we need for just one car!

City Adds Bike Parking Downtown In Collaboration With Businesses

Bloomington, IN – As part of its ongoing efforts to make nonvehicular transportation options for residents easier and more convenient, the City of Bloomington has installed on-street bicycle parking along Grant Street at Kirkwood Avenue.

In collaboration with local businessman Bob Costello, who owns The Village Deli, Soma Coffeehouse and Laughing Planet and has continually worked with the City and Chamber of Commerce on downtown parking issues, one automobile parking spot was eliminated and replaced with bike hoops and bumper blocks. The space will accommodate 10 bicycles, and the City will be considering similar measures in other areas where large volumes of bicycle traffic exist.

“I have always said that easy and accessible parking for residents, employees and visitors to our downtown is crucial to the continued vitality of our signature area, and that involves providing non-vehicular options for people as well,” said Mayor Mark Kruzan. “By eliminating only one parking space, we are making it possible for 10 bicyclists to park, secure their bikes and enjoy our downtown.”

Costello added that the need for bicycle parking downtown has grown, a trend he has seen both at Laughing Planet and Soma Coffehouse on Kirkwood.“Both establishments have many customers that ride their bikes, and finding safe parking for them has been challenging,” he said. “This is a wonderful solution.”

In 2009, Bloomington was once again named a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The City has continued to explore ways to make the Bloomington community more accessible to nonvehicular commuters, including expanded sidepaths and bicycle lanes to encourage bicyclists and motorists to safely share the road. Additionally, the completion of the B-Line Trail through the heart of the downtown will ultimately connect a 7.5 mile nonvehicular trail system that will allow commuters to traverse the City without relaying on their cars.