Stranger's Hill Featured in June issue of Inc. Magazine

We love sharing great news about our local vendors. Check this out - Stranger’s Hill Organics is featured in the June 2009 issue of Inc. Magazine for its use of collaboration technology and tools and was featured on the Homepage of on June 25th. Local farmers using technology to do grow beautiful, organic produce.

How to Choose the Right Collaboration Software

Although e-mail remains the primary method of office communication, businesses are increasingly turning to programs designed specifically for office collaboration

By Darren Dahl

When employees spend a lot of time in the field, it can be difficult to manage projects and share information. Especially when those employees are actually out in the middle of a giant field. That was the situation at Stranger's Hill Organics, an 81-acre farm in Bloomington, Indiana, that grows organic produce and sells it to Whole Foods Market, food co-ops, and farmers' markets. Almost two years ago, the farm's founders, Dale and Lee Jones, brought on four new partners to help fund an expansion. That created some problems. The founders continued to work at the farm, but the new partners held jobs elsewhere and could make it out there only a few hours a week. That made it difficult for the owners to discuss topics such as tax planning, marketing budgets, and which crops were ready for harvest. "It was almost impossible to get everyone together on a regular basis," says Rick Dietz, one of the new partners. Keep reading on INC.

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