Community Orchard News for July

The Orchard e-mail list has been quiet the past few weeks, but there has been a LOT going on lately with all things fruity.   May I tell you?

First, we have officially set a planting date with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) to put our first trees in the ground!  Please, mark your calendars now for ***Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 10 am***!  We'll learn how to properly plant from the FTPF arborist, put our sweet babies in the ground, and have a celebrational picnic afterwards.  Thank YOU for all your votes that won us all this grant!  Please join us for the fantastic culmination of those efforts.

Please, come play with us before that great day in October!!!  We have incredible work to do, including site preparation and tree acquisition, before then, and we'd love to spend some quality time with you and your family.

For example, we are now having regular workdays out at the Orchard every other Saturday, beginning ***this Saturday, July 17 from 9 am - noon***!  We will be flipping compost piles and enjoying the age-old art of scything as an environmentally-friendly way to cut the grass.  If you've never scythed, come learn how!  Please RSVP to our new Orchard Involvement Coordinator, Stacey Deckard, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you know you can attend so we can make sure we have adequate tools.  (While RSVPs are appreciated, please, by all means, COME ANYWAYS if you have a last-minute opening!)  Bring your pitchforks, garden forks, and scythes if you have them.

The Orchard website is currently under construction, so please check our Facebook page  for current information about workdays.

The Orchard Fundraising Team is getting in the groove- we recently applied for a big grant to fuel our long-term plans, and we would love to add more members to our team.  The next meeting is Wednesday, July 14 from 5:45-7:30 pm at 312 S. Euclid.  Call Amy at 812-679-8261 for more details.

Those of you who like to steer the action should come to the next Orchard Operations Team meeting this Thursday, July 15 at 6:30 pm at the Building and Trades Park on Howe St. near Bloomington Hospital to jump in on the rest of this summer's site development.

We are working on the infrastructure of our Board of Directors; your input is welcome.  Please feel free to attend our bi-weekly Board meetings as we chart the long-term course of our organization.  The next Board meeting is Tuesday, July 13 at 7:30 pm.  Please contact Amy Roche for more information at 812-345-4008.

We now have a Twitter account for all you high-tech fruit lovers!  Just go to the Twitter website and look for "BtownOrchard" to be kept abreast of the latest and greatest.  Speaking of media, we've been in the press lately.  Check out the latest issue of Branches Magazine and the WFHB EcoReport at .

Hope you're having a great summer.  Look forward to seeing you soon.


Amy Countryman