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Winter Farmers' Market Begins Dec. 4th

At Winter MarketThe Local Growers Guild is kicking off its Winter Farmers Market. For the first time this year, Bloomington residents will have continuous access to food grown by local farmers. 

Located at Harmony School, you will find fresh produce, meat, and dairy products along with prepared foods, special events, and live music every Saturday morning, December 4 through March 28, from 9am to noon.


Coach Hep Indiana Cancer Challenge

This is just a heads up that the Coach Hep Indiana Cancer Challenge will be held on May 14th. Individuals and teams may still register to Run, Walk or Cycle. For more details, please visit

Public Invited to General Meeting of the Bloomington Food Policy Council

Curious about the Bloomington Food Policy Council? Attend a general meeting on the evening of Thursday, July 14.

At the June meeting of Green Drinks Bloomington, local gardeners H. Michael Simmons and Stephanie Solomon explained the purpose of the citizen-based Bloomington Food Policy Council, a group they helped to form. This month the Bloomington Food Policy Council is holding a general meeting in the McCloskey Conference Room at City Hall (401 North Morton Street), on Thursday, July 14, from 7-9pm. The public is invited to attend.

Simmons explained that food policy councils play an advisory role in the communities they serve. They bring together stakeholders from diverse food-related sectors to look at how the food system operates, eventually recommending ways to improve it. Most evolve from grass roots beginnings. While the first Food Policy Council was started thirty years ago in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, the concept has gained momentum in the last decade. Today there are over 100 councils nationwide (and many in Canada), with ours one of the most recent to form.

Aiming to build bridges between various government, education, and business entities, the Bloomington Food Policy Council has multiple food-related goals. These include:

• Ensuring that everyone has access to high quality food.
• Working to improve the sustainability of food production by increasing local production, promoting home gardens, and exploring alternative farming methods that improve stewardship of the land.
• Encouraging collaboration between groups to improve food accessibility.
• Lobbying local government to adopt a Food Charter and take steps towards a better community food supply.

While there are currently a variety of agencies in Bloomington whose focus is to further the goals of the national movement towards a more sustainable future in food, all of these groups are divided by the specific piece that is their main focus. The Food Policy Council works to bring these agencies together to promote cooperation and the pooling of resources.

Ideally, food policy councils include representatives from each of the five sectors of the food system: production, consumption, processing, distribution, and waste recycling. It is also beneficial when they include members from agencies dealing with transportation, schools, and other city institutions whose work has food-related implications.

Simmons noted that Mark Winne provided “an incendiary spark” to the creation of food policy councils. The author of Closing the Food Gap (2008) and Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners, and Smart Cookin’ Mamas: Fighting Back in an Age of Industrial Agriculture (2010), Winne will be speaking in Bloomington on the 15th of September, 2011.

Winne was instrumental in the development and passage of the federal Community Food Projects Grant Program and farm-to-school legislation. He is a cofounder and board member of the Community Food Security Coalition, where you can learn more about other food policy councils and their aims:

Mark Winne:
Bloomington Food Policy Council:
Green Drinks Bloomington:

Thursday, July 14, 7-9pm
City Hall Showers Building
401 North Morton Street
McCloskey Conference Room

‘Farmegeddon’ is Coming to Bloomington, September 8-17

Bloomingfoods and the Ryder Film Series are bringing the film Farmageddon to Bloomington.  It will be screened Sept 8-11 and Sept 16, 17 as part of Lifelong Learning Week 2011: Food for Thought. Don’t miss it!

Mark your calendars for the times, and look for more information at our website and in the next issue of Ryder Magazine.


23rd Annual Salsa Contest Coming Soon

No doubt about it: the summer heat is making for some great local tomatoes, from the tiny grape tomatoes at Feng Valliant’s Phoenix Farm market stand to the many heirloom varieties available in our stores.

Peppers are looking pretty good, too, as are those peaches, blackberries, and other garden items. Begging the question: which fruits and vegetables are destined for fame in the 23rd Annual Salsa Contest, cosponsored by Bloomingfoods and the City of Bloomington Farmers’ Market?