Local P6 Bronze Turkeys from Schacht Farm

This year, we have the best selection ever of fresh, all-natural turkeys, duck, ham, and vegan/vegetarian options for our customers. It's time to place your order for exactly the main dish item you'd like to serve on Thanksgiving.

Find a full list of items here, and place your order at any one of our stores. The process is simple, and we offer the benefit of then holding your bird or other item, marked with your name, for pick-up beginning on Sunday, November 18th, 2012. Because your turkey will be fresh, we can hold it for you just above freezing until you are ready to prepare it—no need to thaw a bird in your refrigerator.

Our most local Principle Six option is from the Corry family of SCHACHT FARM, located right here in Monroe County. At 16-22 lbs, these free range pastured birds cost $4.39/lb.

The Schacht Farm turkeys are bronze, the most popular turkey variety for most of American history.Tamer than wild turkeys, they get their name from the coppery-bronze colored metallic sheen of their feathers.

After the day-old poults arrive in July, they spend a short period of time in the brooder before passing the summer and fall months foraging on the rolling pastures of Schacht Farm. Provided with shelter from the sun, wind and rain, they are free to come and go from their shelters as they please. The turkeys receive the bulk of their diet from insects and forage, with the remainder coming from local grains and organic supplements.


Please place your special order at the store where you want to pick it up. Just call one of the numbers below, or drop by a store and ask for the Special Order Holiday Book. Any cashier will be happy to help you!

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